Ginger is a super food.
KRiemer / Pixabay – Ginger is a super food.

Ginger has been used for centuries for various cures. The Chinese, Indian and Roman archives have many writings on how to use ginger for various ailments. The Romans were importing ginger two-thousand years ago.

Motion sickness and morning sickness are two of the better-known remedies associated with ginger. I wish I had known this when I started flying with the military. I was airsick for nearly my first 500 hours flying. I flew antisubmarine warfare missions a thousand miles or more away from the nearest land.

At altitude, everything was as routine as flying from Point A to Point B. However, two-hundred feet over the water, with lots of twists and turns, it was enough to upset my stomach. Oh, by the way, I sat facing the left wing to operate my equipment. Not a normal perspective for the inner ear.

I flew a mission working with a US ship and submarine and got sick before the first hour was over. Our missions usually lasted twelve hours. Most interesting about that mission is that it was the last time I was ever airsick. We flew the exact same mission the next day and I’ve never been airsick since – that’s an additional 3700 hours.

Ginger has been tested using double-blind studies to determine its ability to relieve pain. The results were very positive against both chronic and acute inflammation.

Ginger has been used to reduce chemotherapy-induced nausea. The studies proved that ginger mixed with high-protein significantly reduced nausea in chemotherapy patients. Recent studies showed that ginger was effective in preventing colon cancer in lab animals. Ginger targets the leukotriene (LTA[4]H) which acts as a catalyst for colon cancer cells.

Ginger causes ovarian cancer cells to die. Several strands of ovarian cancer were treated with ginger and traditional chemotherapy treatments. One problem with chemotherapy is that cancer cells can become resistant to various drugs. Ginger is unique in being a food. Cancer cells have not been shown to become resistant to it.

I use fresh ginger weekly (along with garlic and turmeric). I dice, grate and julienne ginger for various meals. It is found in most stores. Use the edge of a spoon to scrap the fibrous skin off.

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