Our bodies need a little stress to improve.
Our bodies need a little stress to improve.

I was privileged to help a friend prepare his latest book for publication. It is now published. Stress and Adaptation Physiology – Perturbation: Between Poison and Medication by Cris Vlad is a thought-provoking book for those intimately aware of human physiology. I will say up front that this book is not for casual reading. It is for those wanting a more in-depth understanding of how our bodies work.

I continually learn new things reading books and postings by Cris Vlad. This book explores the body’s ability to react to various toxic attacks to become stronger. A muscle left unused atrophies. Our bodies are similar. We need periodic challenges to improve – to become stronger.

If you are a person who eats only organic foods, avoids any toxic chemicals in personal care products, and destresses often, then you maintain a constant level of wellness. To be become stronger, you need more and varied challenges to the body on a periodic basis. You don’t need a continual overload of toxins on a daily basis.

Many studies from a diverse group of experts are cited to substantiate the premise that a little challenge helps us, but overwhelming the body with toxic challenges all the time harms us. This book is well written and stimulates the mind. I highly recommend it to those wanting to know more about the details of our bodies.

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