Early detection and treatment works best with all disease.
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Today I visited my brother-in-law in an Alzheimer’s wing of an elderly care facility. Health insurance may pay care facility expenses, but it won’t prevent you from coming down with this disease or other mentally debilitating diseases – schizophrenia, bipolar, depression, anxiety, etc.

I do not know the cause of disease. I believe you should treat the cause, not the symptoms, which many doctors treat. Most of us have seen or experience people with Alzheimer’s disease. They repeat questions or conversations, misplace personal items, forget things, get lost easily, unable to cook and perform other tasks they have done for years, and, most importantly, they don’t recognize those who have been close to them for decades. These are typical symptoms that occur over a long period of time making it difficult to catch and treat it early.

What are the causes of Alzheimer’s disease? Post mortem examinations of the brain have identified the following causes – beta-amyloid accumulations and tau protein dysfunction and neurofrillary tangles caused by tau protein accumulations. But, what causes each of these proteins to become dysfunctional?

There are several things that I’ve researched that appear to have some level of slowing or stabilizing (or even reversing) the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. I am not a physician and am not recommending you take any action without consulting you physician.

Epigallocathechin gallate (EGCG) from green tea has been shown to be effective in reducing beta-amyloid plaque accumulation. Colostrum-derived protein-rich polypeptide has had successful human studies with the decrease in accumulations of beta-amyloid and tau proteins. These are two of several options available to those with Alzheimer’s disease.

Do your research. Talk to your physician. I recommend Life Extension Magazine as a great reference for nutrition and health for aging. All their articles are available online about a month after their printed editions are mailed.

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