Ever feel that you were just chipping away at a problem?
Unsplash / Pixabay – Ever feel that you were just chipping away at a problem?

Health care after the fact is not the type of care we should desire. We should have a health care system that supports and maintains good health – prevents disease from being a health risk.

Our health care system is based on correcting a problem. Our own immune systems are our first line of defense. How many times has your doctor told you to go home and eat this and do this in order to boost your immune system to minimize visits to his/her office? It doesn’t happen. It should though.

Just think how much time (sitting in doctors’ offices – I’ve had two visits that have lasted over an hour and forty-five minutes just waiting in the past two years) and money (the cost of your monthly insurance, co-pays and other out-of-pocket expenses) are expended in going to the doctor’s office – not just once, but multiple times a year!

We have a great medical industry that can keep you alive for a long time after being ravaged by a disease. But, if that disease was caught earlier, you wouldn’t be on death’s doorstep. We know that low-level cellular inflammation is the genesis of 90% of all disease. We know that stress is a major factor in 80% of all doctors’ visits. These two issues alone are easy to address. However, this is typically not in the purview of the general practitioner.

Why not? It all boils down to our legal system. Your doctor prescribes what has been tested and certified as the right answer for your diagnosis. Yes, diagnoses can be wrong – and, quite often are. You are given a medicine and based on your side effects to that medicine, it might be changed several times before the doctor finds something that fits your particular system.

The doctor’s protection is that he/she prescribed what was appropriate, tested and works for many others with similar symptoms. Sending you home to eat spinach and walk two miles a day is not a legal defense. But, it might be the right prescription for preventing that disease.

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