Chemical equations
Chemical equations found in General Chemistry Formula Sheet and List of Equations Part 2 – MCAT, DAT, & PCAT

We all know that one plus one equals two. The equation is balanced – balanced on both side of the equals sign. How does that apply to our lives?

My analogy will address your health, but it could be used for relationships, careers, finances, etc. On one side of our personal equation we have our beliefs, our wants, our needs, etc. On the other side of the equation we have our expected result(s). But, the equal sign has some extraneous baggage not found in the typical math symbol.

This baggage is the level of determination required to pass through the equals sign. It is preceded by the conflicts and adversities in our lives. Many of those conflicts and adversities are mental – our subconscious mind is saving us from further failure. This is based on the prime directive of our life’s control mechanism, your subconscious mind.

If you failed at some health goal – weight loss, several times? Your subconscious mind will not tolerate another failure and will prevent you from achieving your goal, no matter how important it is for you.

Life gets in the way also. You start a new diet and find yourself in a situation where you are not in control of your food choices. You tell yourself that you will eat this time and go back on your diet tomorrow.

These are two common blockages that prevent most people from balancing their personal equation – a goal that is important to them.

The first blockage can be addressed by visualization/imagination of success and adding a lot of emotion to it. Over time your subconscious mind will have no significant history of failure. The emotion magnifies the successes compared to the failures and it appears that you are successful  many more times than you failed.  This is acceptable to your subconscious mind and it will help you achieve continued success. Get your subconscious mind on your side and you will succeed.

The second problem can be addressed as easily (and more quickly). Tell yourself whenever you are at an event that serves food, that you are on a fast. You will drink water or unsweetened iced tea, but will eat no food (or drink adult beverages). If someone asks, you tell them that you are on an intermittent fast.

I eat every day between noon and six p.m. That allows me eighteen hours of intermittent fasting daily. It is healthy and it avoids the need to eat when in public. This also works great when you are traveling on a business trip – just fast from leaving home till you reach your destination.

It can be difficult to balance our personal equations, but not impossible.

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