Yesterday, December 17, 2018, the news reported that Penny Marshall passed away at age 75 due to complications of diabetes. She is best known for her performance as Laverne in Laverne & Shirley (1970-80s sitcom).

She also directed the movies, A League of Their Own, Big, and Renaissance Man. Several years ago, she had developed lung cancer that metastasized to her brain.

There are so many preventable diseases. Diabetes is one of them. Most people think that excess blood sugar is the cause of diabetes. However, it is excess insulin that causes diabetes. Insulin is the hormone used to reduce blood sugar by moving the molecules of blood glucose into our cells to be used for energy.

Diabetes can develop as a result of the pancreas producing little to no insulin. It can also develop when the body does not respond to insulin properly – insulin resistance.

Typical symptoms of diabetes include increased thirst, increased hunger, dry mouth, frequent urination, urine infections, unexplained weight loss, fatigue, blurred visions, and headaches.

Doctors recommend losing excess body fat, following a low-carb/calories diet, eating more fruits and vegetables, drinking more water, exercising more, reducing stress, obtaining more and better-quality sleep,

When you have diabetes, you should see your physician as required, increase your fiber intake, down-size the portions of foods you eat with each meal, and monitor your blood sugar levels.

Doctors tell us that diabetes is permanent. We cannot do anything to cure ourselves of this disease. However, lifestyle changes can make diabetes go into remission. When symptoms are not present and blood sugar levels are maintained at normal levels for at least a year, many doctors will declare a person in complete remission. The risk will always remain if your lifestyle changes are not maintained to prevent recurrence of the disease.

Diabetes is a significant health problem for many of us as we age. Take preventive actions sooner than later.

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