Our brains operate at different levels throughout the day.

Beta State

Your brain operates at different levels throughout the day. Brain waves are electrical waves that can be measured. There are four distinct brain wave patterns – Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta. You can operate in a reasonably wide range within each of these levels. The Beta level is the level you recognize the most – it is your normal awake cycle. You see and communicate at the Beta level. If you are debating someone, you are operating at a higher level in the Beta state. If you are just listening to a television show, you are operating in a lower Beta state. When you are talking to someone, you are operating in the middle of your Beta state. In the Beta state, your conscious mind is actively engaged in what you are doing.

Alpha State

The next most active brain wave is the Alpha state. You pass into and out of the Alpha stage several times a day. When you have not engaged actively in work, talk, reading, viewing, etc., you are in the Alpha state. When you relax after completing a task, you typically fall into the Alpha state. When you consciously control your breathing and begin to meditate, you are in the Alpha state. The Alpha state opens your subconscious mind to instant access.

Theta State

The Theta state is the next level of brain wave activity. People daydreaming are in the Theta state. You are in the Theta state when you are on ‘auto-pilot- driving your car on the freeway – you probably can’t remember passing a particular landmark that you see every day. It works with freeway driving since the scenery doesn’t change very much. You would not typically expect to transition into the Theta state when driving on a back-country road where the scenery changes often. The Theta state is an excellent opportunity to let your subconscious determine solutions to your problems.

I was always amazed at how many problems I was able to solve when I drove, but I never realized it at the time. Over time, I learned that my best ideas came from driving, but I was never cognizant of the freeway versus residential driving until lately. I use extended freeway driving for thinking and learning. I pose various questions to my subconscious mind and allow it to provide solutions. I pose a problem to my subconscious in the form of a ‘how’ to or ‘what’ question and let it offer suggestions. For example, “How can I focus better on the things I need to accomplish to meet my immediate goals?” Or, “What do I need to do today or tomorrow to begin making progress on my goal?” Additionally, I use this same time for learning by listening to self-improvement CDs.

Theta state can be achieved when running long distances or any other time that your mind is totally relaxed – in the sauna, during a massage, taking a nap, etc. The Theta state is your most positive mental state because your thought process is without any guilt or censorship attached to it.

Delta State

Your brain waves are the slowest when you are in deep sleep – Delta state. At the end of a tough day, you are tired and tense. As you relax you enter the low Beta state. In the low Beta state, your subconscious mind is open for programming – continued reinforcement of what you already know or new programming. Watching television, reading a book or surfing the Internet prior to going to sleep floods your highly susceptible subconscious mind with thoughts, issues, comments, concerns, problems, etc. What you focus on you become! When most things you think about before going to sleep are negative, then you will maintain or reinforce negativity in your life. Most of the negativity in your environment comes from the television – that’s a clue – turn it off.

When you close your eyes as you prepare to go to sleep, you begin your transition from a low Beta state, back briefly to the Alpha state, and then quickly through the Beta state again, and then into the Theta state. This is an excellent time to imagine or visualize your goals. It is an excellent time to identify the biggest problem you have that is holding you back from achieving your dreams or goals.

Concentrate on it with a ‘how’ or ‘what’ question. Don’t solve it consciously. Let your subconscious mind reflect on it as you sleep. You may or may not wake up with solutions, but you are getting solutions to your problems running around in your brain. Shortly, you will get the best answer your subconscious mind can come up with – and, you will have the support of your subconscious mind to help you solve that problem since your subconscious mind actually determined the solution to your problem.

The Delta state is typically achieved in cycles of 90 to 100 minutes. You are in deep sleep. It is not uncommon to transition back and forth between the Delta and Theta state as you are sleeping. The last thing I read every night is a chapter or two on personal development or self-improvement. As I’m lying still with my eyes closed, I tell myself that I sleep (present tense) deeply and always awaken relaxed and refreshed. I go through a quick routine of affirmations and visualizations for reinforcement. I also think about the one or two things I must get done tomorrow, but I think about them in the context that I am enjoying the fact that I have finished those actions. Again, your subconscious mind only understands present tense, positive and personal statements. Statements incorporating ‘will’ and ‘not’ are not processed by your subconscious mind.

In summary, you can use your brain wave patterns to supercharge goal achievement. You need to spend your time focusing on your goals in the Alpha, Beta, and Theta states to optimize your achievement. The ‘snooze’ minutes might be your most productive part of your day if you plan to use that time to focus on solving the problems that are stopping you from achieving your dreams. Let a nine-minute dream work for you. Be productive while you snooze.

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