Pu-erh tea improves the effectiveness of the immune system.

Immunosenescence is associated with aging. The immune system does not function effectively. Researchers do not believe it is aging that causes the decline in immune effectiveness, but probably our long-term lifestyle choices – smoking, obesity, prescription drugs, recreational drugs, stress, exercise, nutrition, and more. The immune system’s effectiveness declines with age – but it does not have to.

Our immune system should protect us against pathogens (viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, etc.). Our immune systems function well up till around our early twenties, then incremental degradation starts. We may lose up to ten percent effectiveness each decade as we age.

An obese person in his or her 70s with diabetes, high blood pressure, and on several prescriptions has an immune system that cannot defend his or her body. Disease, and especially a new disease like coronavirus, can be devastating. Hence the high mortality rate in the elderly with pre-existing conditions.

Immunosenescence also causes the body to counter the benefits of vaccines, increases inflammatory issues throughout the body, and leaves a person as a prime candidate for influenza and pneumonia. Natural killer (NK) cells and T cells are the primary defense mechanism of the immune system when we are young.

Pu-erh is a fermented black tea. It is one of five teas that I drink daily (green, oolong, Pu-erh, pouchong, and gynostemma. Pu-erh tea (and its extracts) increases NK and T cells in the body. This tea also provides antibacterial and antiviral support by killing or inhibiting viral/bacterial growth.

Levels of interleukin-6 (IL-6) increase as Immunosenescence progresses. IL-6 is a biomarker for inflammation. It increases inflammation throughout the body. Pu-erh inhibits the growth and spread of IL-6. Tests on laboratory animals and controlled tests on humans have shown remarkable and significant decreases in IL-6.

Additionally, placebo-controlled testing was done on humans with metabolic syndrome -larger layers of fat around the belly, high fasting glucose levels, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and more.

The Pu-erh group showed a 21% decrease in IL-6, a 23% reduction in TNF-a (tumor necrosis factor-alpha – a protein that increases inflammation), and a 26% decrease in CRP (c-Reactive Protein) – a plasma protein biomarker for overall inflammation in the body. The control group using Pu-erh also had a 34% increase in IL-10 (interleukin-10)

IL-6 increases inflammation. IL-10 decreases inflammation. IL-10 works to balance the immune response. IL-6 increases the risk of many life-threatening health issues – heart attack, sudden cardiac death, obstructive airway disease, congestive heart failure, and more.

Pu-erh tea and its extract can improve the functioning and effectiveness of the immune system. It is inexpensive and available.

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