Don't let other people/event control your life.
tpsdave / Pixabay

Eight years ago, when President Obama was elected to office there was a lot of cheering and angst. A portion of our population was extremely stressed out about their future. It didn’t agree with their personal political philosophy. It is happening again today with President-elect Trump. Another portion (different than one eight years ago) of our population is not happy with what might happen in their future.

In both cases, stress is skyrocketing. Stress happens. Our current president and future president have the ability to stress people.  But, it is not the stress, but it is what you allow it to do to you. You can accept it and let it affect you – mentally, emotionally, physically. Or, you can recognize that it is not something you want or like, and let it go. Just let it go. You have no control over it, let it go.

My recent walking of the Camino de Santiago was my ‘Let it Go’ tour. I let things go daily. Things I could not control, like the weather, I decided that I had no control over anything but my attitude. Control your attitude and you control your health.

Whether it is politics, spouses, kids, sports, relationships, employers, the car in front of you, whatever – you experience stress opportunities. But, you don’t have to accept it. You can let it grow in your gut. You can pamper it and keep it creating cortisol and other harmful chemicals in your body. You can do a lot of things. But, for better health, let it go.

It is easy to say, let it go. It takes practice and consistency. The simplest thing for you to do daily is to smile anytime you feel stress entering your brain. It’s a place to start – it costs you nothing – and, it works. Don’t let another person or event take control of your life.

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