Could a spray bottle like this one eliminate face masks?

A few months ago, I came across some research on nasal sprays and the potential to halt the spread of COVID-19. I use a nasal spray (Xlear) every day before leaving home. It blocks the ACE2 receptor to prevent the spike of coronavirus from anchoring to cells in our bodies.

I predicted in an earlier article that nasal sprays might be more effective than vaccines. My insight at that time was to stop the spread of the virus. I found data today about nasal sprays that can kill the virus, not just prevent it from entering our bodies.

Taffix Taffix, a nasal spray, is approved in Israel provides mechanical and chemical protection from COVID-19 for up to five hours. During a religious holiday, Taffix was tested in festivals and celebrations.

Just over eighty people agreed to use the nasal spray before socially interacting with others at holiday events. Two users of the nasal spray became infected with COVID-19. Both people reported that they failed to respray at the five-hour mark.

One hundred and sixty attendees chose not to use the nasal spray and were tracked as a control group. Sixteen (10%) of this group did contract the virus.

SaNOtize The University of London has clinical trials ongoing to test nitric oxide in a nasal spray to kill the SARS-CoV-2 virus. SaNOtize Nitric Oxide Nasal Spray (NONS) is designed to exterminate coronavirus in the upper airways. Initial testing showed a 99.9% kill rate within two minutes.

Infected rodents were treated with nasal spray. Ninety-five percent of the animals showed a significant drop in the virus within 24 hours. SaNOtize NONS is undergoing Phase II clinical trials in Canada.


Nitric oxide is a powerful antioxidant. Preliminary testing with COVID-19 variants showed the same kill rate. The molecular structure of the virus is destroyed, and the virus dies.

What is the future for vaccines when a nasal spray can block or kill a pandemic virus immediately?

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