This nasal spray could end the coronavirus pandemic and future ones.

I read three articles this week discussing a common nasal spray that blocks the attachment of the SARS-CoV-2 virus from attaching itself in your nose or lungs.

Columbia University Study The study results were released this past week. A nasal spray was used on ferrets that prevented the coronavirus from attaching itself to the cells in the ferret’s nose and lungs.

The key ingredient in the nasal spray is a lipopeptide made from the same amino acids contained in the spike of the coronavirus. When the virus attempts to attach itself to a cell, the lipopeptide inhibits the attachment. The coronavirus is neutered and cannot complete the connection to the human body.

Additional Information The spray is inexpensive, non-toxic,
and stable at room temperature. The study used two groups of ferrets. Both groups were injected with the SARS-Co-V-2 virus responsible for COVID-19. Ferrets were used because they are like humans in that they contract viruses through their noses.

One group was given the nasal spray and the other group was given a placebo. The ferrets lived together in the same cages. The ferrets receiving the placebo contracted the coronavirus and the group with the nasal spray protection did not.

Scientists confirmed that the virus replication cycle was stopped by the nasal spray. The protection of the spray lasted for over 24 hours. This research has been ongoing for months.

Next Step Human clinical trials are next. Funding has been applied for and a patent is pending.

The prime ingredient of the nasal spray is a freeze-dried powder that is stable at room temperature. Any doctor or pharmacist could make the nasal spray.

Testing has been completed on other variants of the coronavirus and has been shown to be effective. The spike of the coronavirus does not mutate the same way the rest of the virus does. Therefore, one nasal spray might fit all coronaviruses.


The world is a wonderful place again if this works well in humans. I could sleep in the same bed as my wife if she were infected. The low cost and stable lipopeptide ingredient could be shipped overseas to help other countries shut down the pandemic.

A daily dose of nasal spray might be the stopper in the bottle that strangles the spread of coronavirus. It could be used to stop future coronavirus infections and pandemics.

Other research has been done like this, but the cost, complexity, storage, and distribution problems were not in the same ballpark. Australian scientists tested a nasal spray on ferrets, but it was to improve their immune system, not block the attachment of the virus onto a cell.

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  1. Is it safe for the brain though? Always have been told not to ever take anything that stops a virus through the nose.

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