Coffee can reduce the mortality risk associated with diabetes.

Ten percent of Americans have type 2 diabetes. How serious is type 2 diabetes?,years)%20(Table%202)

A little over 42 people out of one thousand die because of type 2 diabetes. A person without diabetes would expect to be in a group of nearly 20 out of that same one thousand people. Diabetes doubles your risk of death.

Diabetes Risk Factors

Type 2 diabetes develops when a person becomes resistant to insulin or the pancreas is unable to produce the required amount of insulin. The primary risk factors are diet, weight, fat distribution, inactivity, family history, and age.

Type 2 diabetes is manageable. Some doctors will tell you that there is no cure. Doctors do not prescribe lifestyle changes (losing weight, exercising more, watching your diet, etc.). They do prescribe medications because of legal and moral requirements once they know you have a disease.

Diabetes Medications and Complications has a list of medications that are commonly prescribed for diabetic patients. A big problem with diabetes, as well as other diseases, is the potential complications that can develop from a variety of sources. Cardiovascular disease, eye damage, sleep apnea, neuropathy, kidney damage, and many other complications can develop from diabetes.

Lifestyle Options recently printed the results of a report from ( where drinking coffee and tea might be a lifestyle option that will reduce the mortality associated with diabetes.

The study, done in Japan, concluded that drinking two cups of coffee or four cups of tea can reduce the mortality risk from diabetes. Researchers tracked nearly 5,000 patients with diabetes from the Fukuoka Dental College and the Hakujyuji Hospital were monitored for over five years.

They found that both coffee and tea reduce the mortality risk from diabetes, but the more the patient consumed daily the better his or her odds were. Two cups of coffee were better than one cup. Two cups of tea were better than one cup of tea. It is speculated that both tea and coffee improve glucose control and insulin sensitivity which reduces the risk of death from diabetes.

The scientists concluded that two cups of coffee or four cups of tea were necessary to make a difference. Two or three cups of green tea along with two or more cups of coffee reduced the risk of death from diabetes by over 50%. The risk was lowered each time a cup of tea or coffee was increased daily.


Tea and coffee are not prescribed by doctors for any disease. They are lifestyle choices. Tea or coffee with a half-dozen cubes of sugar or three or four ounces of milk are offset by the additional sugar added. Be prudent and moderate when you add anything to your coffee or tea.

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