What's in your future?
skeeze / Pixabay – What’s in your future?

If you have a problem, it will get better, stay the same or get worse. Usually you’ll know in a couple of weeks. This problem can be health, financial, relational, etc. It doesn’t matter. Every thought we have creates chemicals in our bodies. Negative thoughts create chemicals that are disruptive for good health. Conversely, positive thoughts create chemicals that support strong health.

We have the ability to make changes in our lives – good or bad – by thinking. That is one reason by visualization is such a powerful tool. We can add imagined success stories (or negative failures) to the image stock pile in our subconscious mind by thinking.

What do you think about? Have you ever just let your mind wander and notice where it goes? Our facial expressions and body language mirror our inner thoughts.  Let me propose one New Year’s Resolution that is easy, costs nothing and everyone can do. It is very simple. Smile more often!

When you catch yourself wandering into the negative realm – especially about things you have no control over – burst into a smile.  When someone irritates you (the car in front of you, the person ahead of you in line, etc.) – burst into a smile.  You cannot keep a positive and a negative thought in focus at the same time. One will win out. When our thoughts are negative, our facial expressions follow suit.

However, when we force a smile, you cause a backwards flow from your facial muscles to your brain.  It will force out the negative thought in your mind. There is an immediate disconnect between your facial expression and your thought pattern.  One has to win – and, the forced smile usually does.

We can change our emotions in less than a minute. We’ve all heard, or been told, take a deep breath, hold it and then let it out. It is very similar. You are stopping the normal breathing process and forcing another physical situation on top of the existing one. It is a calming factor – the deep breath.

Take a lot of deep breaths, hold them and smile to start 2017 and you will enjoy life more.  It is a great habit to develop.  Happy New Year 2017!

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