Extended fasting might be one of the best things you can do for your health.

Professor Valter Longo, Professor of Gerontology and Biological Sciences at the University of California discovered that the entire immune system could be regenerated with a 72-hour fast. This has been observed in patients with damaged immune systems (cancer treatments) and in the elderly. Extended fasting has many health benefits.

I see three schools of thought in researching this topic. Nutritionists see nothing but danger and damage for anything associated with an extended fast (multiple days). Some researchers see the results and want to develop a drug that will accomplish the same thing. And the scientists who have conducted studies and found remarkable results.

Some scientists and nutritionists believe that the body must be fed daily. Some advocate four, five, or six meals a day. I believe that hurts the body because it keeps your blood glucose levels high and exacerbates the liver by working without any rest and recovery.

An extended fast causes several changes in the body. As the body goes into the starvation mode, it signals for the destruction and removal of non-functioning cells and inefficient DNA. If the body will have to survive without food for longer periods of time, it wants all systems working properly, not supporting cells in the body that are not adding any value to survival.

The immune system white blood cells are depleted during an extended fast. Upon reaching a specific lower level, the immune system activates stem cells to regenerate new white blood cells. This process was confirmed repeatedly over a six-month period.

The University of California has been testing the use of an extended 72-hour fast in conjunction with chemotherapy. The extended fast and chemo individually produce similar results. When combined, the results are superior to individual treatments.

I have been doing a 72-hour fast monthly for nearly two years. I find it easy to do without any side effects (weakness, dizziness, hunger, etc.). The past two months I have been doing a 120-hour fast to include a reset of the beta cells in my pancreas – another study undertaken by Professor Vongo. This month will be my third and final month of 120-hour fasting. I will continue monthly 72-hour fasting as part of my normal lifestyle.

Imagine, you have pre-existing health issues and you are over 75 years of age. When you fast for 72 hours (physician assistance mandatory!) a month for several months, your overall immune function could be that of a younger person (decades younger) and able to fight infections better. Your quality of life could be improved within six months.

Some people have difficulty fasting for 24 hours. I spend about two days visualizing what I want to do regarding fasting. I perceive the benefits. I understand that I might be hungry, but that is a habit and not a reality. Habits and dehydration are difficult to overcome.

I drink unsweetened iced tea and water only during my fasts. I have no hunger pangs or even inclinations to eat. During my normal eating cycles, I can drive by a restaurant or grocery store and see/feel/almost taste something that I want to eat. When on an extended fast, I have no such inclinations. It is like my memory cells have been erased of those pleasures.

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