Wheat is dangerous to your health.
Wheat ain’t what it used to be.

Many decades ago, there were eighty or more different types of wheat. Today those eighty types of wheat have been engineered down to five types. They are extremely high in gluten. There were no human or animal tests done during the wheat engineering programs to determine any effects on health – positive or negative.

After World War II, wheat fields stood between four and five feet tall with the heads of wheat relatively open. Today, the wheat stalks are around one-foot tall with very heavy compact wheat heads. Hybridizing wheat to improve crop yields has resulted in an avalanche of diseases residing in your:

● Brain
● Thyroid
● Joints
● Skin
● Other tissues

A major health topic today is called, ‘leaky gut’. Conventional medicine relies on symptoms to identify a health problem. You may be shuttled back and forth to a number of specialists because the treatments given to you for your symptoms don’t correct your problem. I believe you have to treat the cause of a problem to get rid of it. If we treat symptoms, we will always treat symptoms.

Symptoms of leaky gut are:

● Chronic diarrhea
● Constipation
● Gas
● Bloating
● Poor immune system
● Headaches
● Brain fog
● Memory loss
● Excessive fatigue

Fatigue prevents pursuit of healthy endeavors
Fatigue prevents pursuit of healthy endeavors.

Leaky Gut Syndrome is also referred to as intestinal permeability. The intestinal wall of your gut becomes damaged. This allows undigested particles to enter your bloodstream, such as:

● Food
● Waste
● Toxins
● Bacteria

This triggers an autoimmune response immediately. Some researchers believe that leaky gut is caused by taking large amounts of:

● NSAIDS (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs)
● Cytotoxic drugs
● Radiation
● Antibiotics
● Excessive alcohol consumption
● Casein from dairy products

There are many hidden sources of gluten - beer is one of them.
There are many hidden sources of gluten – beer is one of them.

Research tells us that one of the most likely cause of leaky gut comes from a protein called zonulin. It may be responsible for many health problems from autoimmune diseases to cancer. Zonulin is a protein normally found in your intestinal wall. It creates holes in the intestinal lining to allow vital nutrients your body needs to pass through the walls of your intestine and into your bloodstream. Gluten increases the levels of zonulin in your intestinal tract. Gluten increases the size of the holes also. It also allows unhealthy things into your bloodstream.

Gluten can be a very powerful trigger of neurological dysfunction and autoimmunity. Many times gluten affects your brain more than your gut. We might not have any abdominal reaction to gluten, but the effect on your brain might be significant.

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