Health requires constant attention
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I write and speak on health and wellness for a living. I consider myself to be in better health than just about everyone I know. I get an annual physical every year. It is rare when I have more than one or two blood or medical tests outside the normal range. I am on no prescription medicines. I just had my first eye exam in several years and found that my eyesight is still great – I don’t need glasses to read near or far away.

Most of the time I eat according to the Wahl’s Protocol diet. It is balanced nutrition across 30+ nutrients the body needs daily. I also try to maintain strict avoidance of all grains and most dairy. I change my protein every couple of days so that I don’t have the same protein source within a four-meal window. I eat in a six-hour window daily which leaves 18 hours daily devoted to intermittent fasting. I had been on a five-day on and two-day off fasting regimen weekly for the past several months.

I exercise regularly – sprints, long distance walks, some endurance running, strength training, and stretching. I sleep well for 8+ hours nightly. I use several techniques to reduce/eliminate stress. I avoid toxins like the plague in personal care products and foods. I check my pH regularly and it stays above 7.4.

So, what’s wrong? My lifestyle changed It started with Harvey – Hurricane Harvey. The anxiety of rising water than didn’t get into my home seemed to stay in my psyche. I ended up with a fever blister a week later. I haven’t had one of those in years. I did have a little water in one of my cars, but that was taken care of the same day it was found. My diet changed to comfort foods and stayed that way well past the end of Harvey.

My wife and I attended a couple of reunions in September in October. Both out of town lasting several days. Again, my diet was uncontrolled before, during and after the reunions. We have an extended house guest who demands extra attention. I caught my daughter’s cold about three weeks ago and can’t seem to shake it. I haven’t had a cold in at least ten years.

My life was relatively easy to maintain, and I had excellent results in all measurements and aspects of my health. A temporary disruption in my time-life continuum has impacted my overall health and wellness for the past two-plus months. I gain control for a day or two, and then I’m back to the comfort food options, no exercise and little to no stress reduction. I know it must happen daily, but it does not.

Yogi Berra said that baseball is 90% physical and the other half is mental. Good health requires more than mental and physical attention daily. Stress is insidious. It’s all around us and most of the time we don’t know its effects on us. It changes our eating habits first and gradually changes our lifestyles.

Good health requires many actions to maintain. Drop your guard on one or two and you might see an increased risk of disease and other related maladies. Good health is worth it, but it requires your constant vigilance.

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  1. It’s so true! Good health isn’t a one-time practice. It’s every day. I can’t let up for even a meal, or my health slips. But you know what, eating healthy feels good. It makes me happy. It makes my body happy. It’s worth every effort I put into it. Hope you get back to your healthy self soon.

    1. Thanks Vicki. I am on the mend and doing much better. Just wanted to share my personal experience. Sometimes people think that healthy people are always healthy and have no problems maintaining it.

  2. I know what you mean. Last year, I went through some hard times and this threw my life off balance. I went through phases of anxiety and depression, and I ended up gaining weight. This year, I devoted myself to getting my life together and getting back on track. It’s a daily struggle, but we’re all a work in progress.

  3. Thanks Red. You communicate well – and the point is clearly made- don’t relax your guard for a moment, or you will pay the price.

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