No known home-made remedies have been tested and found effective against coronavirus.

I shared a post today on Facebook that said gargling with salt water would help our bodies fight the coronavirus. The pictorial lead us to believe that it might even stop the virus in its tracks.

It got me to thinking. There are a lot of ‘fake news’ stories in our media and social media. What is currently going through the social media that implies a home remedy might be better than doing nothing to fight the coronavirus.

I did some fact-checking using I have never used this website before, but it substantiated its ‘true’ or ‘false’ claims with scientific evidence.

1.) Gargling with salt water (or salt and vinegar) eliminates the coronavirus is one home remedy.
There are not enough studies to prove (or disprove) the effectiveness of saltwater against the coronavirus.

Forget about the United States Food & Drug Administration (FDA) aiding in the claim that gargling with saltwater works. The FDA does not test food products. It takes years for prescription medicines to be reviewed and declared safe for human consumption.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has similar advice about rinsing your nose with saline solution. There is some evidence that rinsing your nose with saline solution helps your recovery faster, but it does not fight or stop the coronavirus.

No, forget about gargling with saltwater or salt and vinegar.

2.) Drink alcoholic beverages to reduce the risk of infection by the coronavirus.

This is also false. The WHO does not recommend drinking alcohol to reduce the risk of coronavirus. Again, no studies prove or disprove any ability of alcohol to effectively counter the coronavirus. Obviously, alcohol will make some of the pain go away (temporarily), but it is not an effective nor recommended treatment for coronavirus.

3.) Cannabis kills the coronavirus.

As much as some people would love to believe this claim, it is a claim and not valid. The research done by Rappler indicates that no evidence supports or disproves this claim.

No known ‘benefits’ of cannabinoids has been proved by the FDA to be effective against the coronavirus. There are treatments the FDA has approved containing cannabinoids to treat illness and symptoms.

The WHO continually tells us that there are no current viable medicines or treatments to stop or kill the coronavirus. The Chinese did claim they had a viable antiviral drug for the coronavirus in mid-February. However, it has not been tested to prove or disprove its efficacy.

4.) Ginger ale is a natural cure for coronavirus.

The rest of the claim for ginger ale is that if you contract the coronavirus, don’t eat for 24 hours, then boil ginger and drink the water continuously for three days.

Whether it is ginger ale or herbal tea, the answer is the same as stated before. There is no effective treatment tested and identified by the WHO or FDA that is effective against the coronavirus.

Many of us want to treat the symptoms to make us feel better. Maybe ginger ale and/or herbal teas make us feel better and alleviate our symptoms but it has no effect to stop or kill the coronavirus.

5.) Garlic offers a cure for the coronavirus.

A Chinese doctor is credited with boiling garlic and telling his patients it cures coronavirus. His patients are supposed to drink the garlic water and eat the boiled garlic and you will see overnight improvement.

The WHO agrees that eating garlic is healthy, but there is no tested evidence that supports the claim that garlic can cure coronavirus. Garlic does have antimicrobial properties, but they have not been tested against coronavirus.

From my studies and research, the biggest health issues are brought on by dehydration, over-acidification, and oxidation (free radical damage at the cellular level).

Consider balanced nutrition to resolve any nutrient deficiencies to keep our bodies healthy. Limit alcohol consumption. Stop smoking. Eat prudently (size or portions and choices of foods).

Live Longer & Enjoy Life – Red O’Laughlin

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