Time is the enemy of everyone.
keijj44 / Pixabay

Just finished watching my first alma mater win a football game. They’ve had some really good seasons, and in recent years, some really terrible seasons. Opponents come with different specialties – last week,  we battled the number one run offense team in our league – this week, the number one passing offense team in our league. You have to be ready to fight with all your weapons to win the battles.

The same applies to your health. You cannot defeat time, the enemy of life. You can’t even tie. We will all lose that battle. But, do we have to lose it big time? Navy beat Notre Dame today by one point. Go Navy! One hundred years ago, Georgia Tech beat Cumberland College 222 to 0.

We want to be in the game – like Navy and Notre Dame today. Being in the game in our health means that we can live and enjoy life into our hundreds. And, there is no reason we can’t. Each major part of our body can be protected and enhanced to live better.

Our brains can fight infection with the ‘big boys’ if we supply it with PQQ (Pyrroloquinoline Quinone). It’s a wonder molecule found in parsley. It can rebuild new neurons. Each molecule can be regenerated 20,000 times to fight free radical damage. It facilitates the creation of new mitochondria and helps strengthen weakened mitochondria.

I am only touching the surface of what PQQ can do to help make your brain resistant to age-related disease. In order to live and enjoy a great life past our 90’s, we need the brain power to be optimized.

Time will eventually win, but we don’t have to let it shut us out completely.

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