Sugar increases risk of diabetes, stroke and other diseases.
cegoh / Pixabay – Excess sugar increases the risk of diabetes, stroke, and other diseases.

Our bodies operate along very narrow lines.  An excess here or there; or, a deficiency or two can create havoc with our health and longevity.  Insulin is responsible for transporting glucose into your cells. Excess glucose is stored as fat. Excess glucose:

● Increases the risk of diabetes
● Increases the risk of hypertension
● Increases the risk of stroke

A constant excess of glucose can lead to insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is simply your body’s resistance to accepting glucose as a fuel source within your cells. This resistance results in higher levels of blood sugar. Type II diabetes is more likely to be diagnosed in senior citizens. Twenty-nine million individuals in the United States were reported to have diabetes in 2012. Those over 65 years of age accounted for nearly 12 million – just under half of the total population.

Many health problems of the elderly can be prevented.
GLady / Pixabay – Many health problems of the elderly can be prevented.

It is interesting how several decades ago, doctors told their patients with gestational diabetes to increase their intake of chromium. Babies were taking chromium from their mothers in their growth process. Gestational diabetes disappeared, upon proper dietary increase or supplementation of chromium, for most of those suffering gestational diabetes. Chromium might be an option for gestational diabetes. Please consult your physician.

Insulin has been controlled by a number of methods. Some are:

● Lose excess weight
● Exercise
● Optimized vitamin D3 levels
● Acacia cinnamon
● Chromium
● Zinc
● Reduce carbohydrates
● Manage stress
● Fasting

It might make sense to start one or more of these activities if you suspect you have insulin resistance, but do not start any health change program without consulting your physician.

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