Diabetes has surged 60% in the past decade.
StockSnap / Pixabay – Diabetes has surged 60% in the past decade.

Diabetes is an interesting disease because scientists are not sure if shortened telomeres create conditions friendly to the generation of this disease; or if the disease itself causes our telomeres to shorten. Regardless, your life will be shorter and with greater risks of other diseases as you grow older. Some scientists believe many age-related diseases might be the result of shortened telomeres. Diabetes combined with obesity will cut your life short at least eight years and you may have decades of poor health.

I was interviewed the other day and asked what the singular best advice I could give regarding health.  It is to stay in balance. We need balanced nutrition to keep us healthy and to strengthen our immune system.  We need balance to think clearer and to control our lives.  We need balance in exercise – strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, etc. Balance is key to good health and a long quality life.

Balance and moderation are needed for a healthy life.
Huskyherz / Pixabay – Balance and moderation are needed for a healthy life.

Many researchers believe that diabetes, at least Type II diabetes, is a condition that an imbalance of blood sugar over a long time caused insulin resistance and resulted in diabetes.  Are there other causes?  Certainly.  I’ve read some good articles attributing ‘leaky gut’ to be a primary cause of diabetes and nearly a hundred other autoimmune diseases. The root cause of leaky gut is gluten.

Not all diabetes are the same.  Type 1, type 1.5, type 2 and type 3 are prevalent throughout the world. They all have the very similar symptoms, but the causes are different. Always consult your physician or nutritionist before undertaking any activity that will affect your health.



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