Decaying on a daily basis?
Emslichter / Pixabay – Decaying on a daily basis?

Ever wondered why so many elderly people seem to be frail. They appear unable to do much compared to their earlier lives? Are we destined to follow their examples? Aging is guaranteed, followed shortly thereafter by death. Can you make changes now and have a different ending? Death will still occur. But, life will not be one of decay and despair.

One of the two causes of aging is a decrease in daily production of human growth hormone (HGH). Our bodies make huge amounts of this hormone when we are young. It is made while we sleep. That is one reasons babies sleep a lot.

HGH regulates growth of all our body’s organs and systems. When HGH levels are high, you look and feel young. When HGH levels decrease, you begin to look and feel older. When HGH levels are very low, you look and act as if you were nearly on death’s bed. It is a scenario of daily decay.

You are either growing or decaying – there is no middle ground. Most people do not know what causes us to age. Hence, they do not know what can do to counter the causes and effects of aging. Your HGH levels decline normally with age. Low levels of HGH mimic a new hormone – human decay hormone. The result is the same. You are decaying.

Increasing HGH levels is not difficult. There are several things that will naturally cause you body to make more HGH. The simplest is fasting. A twelve-hour fast causes HGH to be produced at ten times the normal level.

Looking for a realistic 2018 resolution – consider a daily twelve-hour fast. Don’t eat after dinner and begin eating again in the morning when you awaken. For most of us, that amounts to twelve hours. Eating late at night disrupts the quality of our sleep and reduces the creation of HGH.

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