COVID-19 testing facilities in Florida reporting everyone is positive!

Florida has been reporting record daily new cases of COVID-19 recently. An investigation into some of the laboratory reporting facilities reveals that some are reporting 100% positive results and 0% negative results for COVID-19. This means every person tested is positive for COVID-19! Highly unlikely!

The state of Florida is reporting a COVID-19 positivity rate at 11%. Reports of 100% positive for COVID-19 appear to be in error at first glance. Follow-up confirmations with hospitals and facility conducting the tests showed the reported results (of 100%) were in error. For example, the Orlando Veteran’s Medical Center reported a COVID-19 positivity rate of 76%. The actual positivity rate is 6%.

All testing facilities are required to report both positive and negative COVID-19 results. Some testing locations are reporting only the positive tests – not negative results.

It is difficult to track and analyze testing data when some of the numbers are wrong. The same applies to COVID-19 deaths. You may have been in an automobile accident and admitted to a hospital. A COVID-19 test is administered as part of the normal in-patient processing. If you had a positive test for COVID-19 and you died of the injuries from the car crash, your death is reported as a COVID-19 death.

Yes, significantly higher COVID-19 new cases are being reported daily – even daily records in some states. Some sources blame part of the increase in positivity rates to young people ignoring social distancing and infecting others while being asymptomatic.

Protests around the country are partly blamed for increased numbers of COVID-19 new cases. Portland, Oregon has had 46 days in a row of protests. Prior to the protests, the daily average of COVID-19 new cases was in the low 40s. This past week has seen an increase of nearly 900% in COVID-19 cases in Portland, Oregon.

Immigrants from the southern border are being partially blamed for the increases in COVID-19 new cases in the southern border states. Yes, infected people, whether they know they are infected or not, are causing the problem. Adequate guidance to wear face masks and to maintain a proper social distance should be able to reverse current upward trends.

Most of us respond to our local government’s dictates for containing the spread of COVID-19. The disease spreads from one infected person to a healthy person. More vigilance in protecting yourself and others is needed to reduce rampant increases in COVID-19 infections across the United States.

Those states that have locked down their citizens will see similar new COVID-19 new cases as local restrictions are removed. It is a fact. Social interaction without proper protection will keep this virus alive and well and infecting people well into next year.

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  1. As of this afternoon CDC will jo longer be able to get COVID numbers. Instead of them being compiled by a non partisan department staffed by infectious disease specialists and epidemiologists, the numbers now have to be reported to Cabonet Department HHS and be vetted by White House officials before being released.

    Politics. Fudging.

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