Continuing education cannot hurt you.
Alexas_Fotos / Pixabay – Continuing education cannot hurt you.

Continuing education is typically provided to adults after they have left their formal education system (high school, college, etc.). Most of the time it is a short course (couple of days or more); or, something that occurs with conferences or meetings. Some of us have been involved with continuing education based on our careers. Some career paths (education, legal, medical, etc.) require recurrent training to maintain proficiency.

However, we don’t participate in any continuing education for our own health. We should, but we don’t. Our health is the one thing that can apply to every one of us. What makes one person healthy generally makes all of us healthy.

I was talking to a friend of mine this past week and found out that his wife came down with Parkinson’s Disease about three years ago. She is in her mid-70s presently. He described the symptoms and the treatment she has received to date. I told him that there have been a lot of information published in the past couple of years relating to Parkinson’s. He was aware of some of them.

In this case, a disease is discovered and there is a need for action. But, why wait for a disease to creep into your life? Information is free. The Internet provides a plethora of data on almost any subject. If you can’t find the time to research the topics you want, pick a person who writes regularly on your topic of interest.

How much is good health worth to you? I am referring to time at this moment. Ten minutes a couple of times a week will make a major difference in your life. There are many things that can be done relatively cheaply. I switched organic foods a few years ago. They are more expensive. Nonetheless, the increase in my food budget did not happen because I was eating smaller meals – it was basically the same price after I adopted a new way of eating.  Changing the size of my plate didn’t cost me any more.

There are many things that cost nothing – fasting for one. We should all be interested in living a better, healthier lifestyle because of the financial reward and quality of life as we age. It is something you can start today and benefit every day from it.

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