When will it be safe to go back into the water without masks, so to speak?

Every day many people are completing their second COVID-19 vaccination. It took around 30 days to complete the two-shot series. Now what? When are you safe?

Safety Takes Time

https://www.healthline.com/health-news/im-fully-vaccinated-is-it-safe-to-socialize-again Pfizer and Moderna vaccines require two shots approximately one month apart. After the second shot, total safety is not achieved for another two weeks. It takes four weeks after the Johnson & Johnson single injection to be fully effective.

Click on the next link to see how many people in your state have been vaccinated https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2021/01/28/960901166/how-is-the-covid-19-vaccination-campaign-going-in-your-state. As of this week, approximately 20% of Americans have received their first vaccination, and about half that amount have both shots.

People waited months to have approved vaccines and weeks to have them available where they live. Is another couple of weeks or so a big deal? Is it that onerous to continue wearing a face mask and social distancing? No! It is not. It is your responsibility to protect your health and that of your loved ones.

More Vaccination Tracking Information?

https://ourworldindata.org/covid-vaccinations#how-many-covid-19-vaccine-doses-are-administered-daily There are several vaccination tracking websites for each of the states, the United States in total, other countries, and the world. Less than 5% of the people in the world have had vaccinations. Israel is over 100%

COVID-19 Vaccine Immunity Guarantee

https://www.indystar.com/story/news/health/2021/03/05/covid-vaccine-immunity-wont-last-forever-but-doesnt-need/4595171001/ The vaccines are touted by their companies (Pfizer & Moderna) to protect people vaccinated from becoming infected by the SARS-CoV-2 virus at 95% – that means 19 out of every 20 people should be safe from the virus. Johnson & Johnson told us that it protects seven out of ten people. That is the best guess on short-term clinical studies. Typically test studies for new vaccines last at least five years. Will it last a year? Probably. Will it last five years? It is anyone’s guess.

The goal now is to stop the spread of the virus. Vaccines should be effective agents in that quest. Time will tell.


I believe that people will still be cautious well after their full safety level has been achieved. It has not been that much of an inconvenience to live with social distancing and face masks. Two or three months from now, over half the United States will have had their second shot, and herd immunity will be around the corner.

I have no plans to get my vaccine until later this year, maybe September or October. The new technology of mRNA vaccines has me cautious. I am not overly concerned with a virus that has a survivability rate above 99%. I take precautions when I leave the house.

My order of Xlear nasal spray from CVS arrived yesterday. This spray blocks the ACE2 receptors and prevents infection of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. I can visualize how nasal sprays might be the future for stopping rapidly spreading viral infections.

Additionally, I have a body level of over 100 ng/ml of vitamin D3 and adequate zinc amounts provide a high level of protection. When in doubt, I can gargle for 20 seconds after leaving a store, meeting, or event. I have written about each of these options of personal protection from over-the-counter products in the 200+ articles I have written on COVID-19.

I am not an anti-vaccine person. I’m not too fond of the expedited development and testing. It may very well be safe, but I have enough doubt that I will delay being vaccinated.

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