Progesterone, the pregnancy hormone.

jpedraza / Pixabay – Progesterone, the pregnancy hormone.

Some hormones are not as well known as others.  Progesterone is needed for pregnancy. The primary functions of progesterone are to:

● Protect against breast and uterine cancer
● Protect against fibrocystic disease
● Help fat metabolism
● Help normalize blood sugar
● Help reverse osteoporosis
● Help thyroid hormone function
● Act as a natural antidepressant
● Protect against nervousness
● Protect against anxiety and irritability

Activities and nutrients that enhance progesterone production are:

● Exercise
● Foods (walnuts, cherries, chicken, red meat, wild yams, soy milk)
● Vitamins (B6, C)
● Minerals (zinc, magnesium)
● Manage stress
● Stop smoking
● Chasteberry


Cholesterol is critical for health and longevity.
kimlangos / Pixabay – Cholesterol is critical for health and longevity.

Cholesterol takes a bad rap in the media and medical community.  We need cholesterol.  A large portion of our brain is made of cholesterol.  Pregnenolone is considered the gateway or parent hormone. All male and female hormones are made from this hormone. It is made from cholesterol. The functions are pregnenolone are to:

● Promote formation of other hormones
● Repair brain and nerve tissue
● Enhance many brain functions
● Reduce aging skin
● Improve sense of well-being
● Increase energy and mobility
● Improve quality of sleep
● Reduce harmful stress effects
● Reduce aging brain deficiencies

Nutrients that enhance the production of pregnenolone are:

● Meat
● Eggs
● Poultry
● Butter
● Dairy


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