The CDC Data Base has COVID-19 hospitalization data on many needed topics.

For a while, the government provided public access to the COVID-19 Hospitalization Data Base. It was shut down suddenly and immediately opened again. The website is

One section of the database is for COVID-19 patients admitted to a hospital. I did a comparison of the week of April 18th to the most recent information for the week of July 11th.

The weekly COVID-19 new cases for 0-4-year-olds was 12 (0.4%), for 5-17-year-olds 7 (0.2%), for 18-49-year-olds 748 (23%), and for 50-64-year-olds 1557 (47%).

For the week of July 11th, the 0-4 age group had 17 (1.4%) new cases, the 4-17 age group had 25 (2.1%) new cases, the 18-49 age group had 338 (36%) new cases, the 50-64 age group had 338 (28%) new cases, and the over 65 age group had 408 (34%) new cases.

There were significantly fewer COVID-19 new cases during the week of July 11th compared to the week of April 18th. The database allows access to each week since data was collected.

Another part of the database is the Characteristics of COVID-19 Hospitalizations. This part of the database is full of numbers and percentages by sex, age, and race. It further breaks down the interventions and outcomes by age group, underlying medical condition by age group, signs and symptoms by age group, and discharge diagnoses by age group.

There are eight underlying conditions assigned for new COVID-19 patients – asthma, chronic kidney problems, COPD, cardiovascular problems, diabetes, heart failure, hypertension, and obesity. More people were found with hypertension than any of the other seven. The next two highest health issues were obesity and diabetes.

The database breaks down eleven symptoms that incoming COVID-19 patients have during admission. Coughing was the number one symptom noted with a fever almost tying it.

If you want to know about the United States COVID-19 data or data by state, it is easily accessible on the Internet.

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