Restricted calorie lifestyle extends longevity
chren / Pixabay – A restricted calorie lifestyle extends longevity. The key is balanced nutrition.

All you can eat places are definitely good on the pocketbook. But, there are a myriad of problems from a health perspective. Let me concentrate on just one right now. Nutritionists tell us to eat 15 calories of food per day to maintain a desired body weight. In other words, in order to maintain 100 pounds of body weight, you should be eating 1500 calories per day.

Scientists have studied many different types of animals and found that a near-starvation diet allows them to outlive their well-fed brothers and sisters by 20 to 40%. Their longevity increased due to living on a near-malnutrition lifestyle.  Restricting calories result in slowing down the rate of loss of telomere length in humans and extends our longevity. It also showed lower incidences of cancer and age-related diseases in humans and animals. What does restricting calories really mean?

Restricted calories improves health
Meditations / Pixabay – Restricting calories reduces many age-related diseases.

A restricted calories lifestyle is one in which you eat fewer calories than recommended by nutritionists. Typically, this restriction is around 30 percent. If you require 1500 calories according to your nutritionist, a restricted calorie diet would be 1000 calories. However, it is not the number of calories being consumed, but the quality and balance of those calories. Nutritional balance is critical.

Restricted calories tests have been going on for eighty years. However, testing has not been done long enough on humans to determine how much longer we might live. There are many results of this type of lifestyle showing considerably better health and avoidance of age-related diseases.

The ideal body fat for men is 5% and for women it is 8%
BreaLeaDesigns / Pixabay – The ideal body fat for men is 5% and for women it is 8%.

How does a person know when they have achieved an ideal weight to maintain a restricted calorie lifestyle for the remainder of their lives? Studies indicate that 5 percent body fat for men and 8 percent for women are optimal. This is a lifestyle and not a diet. It is not something that should be tried without the support of your physician.

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