Bars are not the number one place to get COVID-19, but close.

How many times are we told to avoid certain places because the risk of becoming infected from coronavirus is high? A recent list was created from over 400 doctors that identified places where 80% of new COVID-19 cases believed they had become infected.

Restaurants are Number 1 Restaurants ranked the highest of the scale of contagion. The CDC reported not long ago that adults with positive SARS-CoV-2 test results were almost twice as likely to have been infected at a restaurant than other places. There are some good tips in the link above to consider the next time you dine out.

Bars are Number 2 Socializing during a pandemic is not wise. Closeness defeats social distancing. Noise causes people to talk louder throwing more potential viral particles into the air. The cleanliness of restrooms is another factor. The link above contains more details on this topic.

Cafes are Number 3

People in restaurants tend to come in, eat, and leave. However, people in cafes are seen more frequently coming in, staying longer, then leaving. Whether it is a cup of coffee and a long discussion with friends or potential clients, people spend more time in a café than a restaurant. It is a numbers game. Fewer people frequent cafes than restaurants.

Hotels and Lodges are Number 4 Breakfast buffets, elevator buttons, door handles, fitness rooms, television remotes, and more are reasons why some hotels and lodges are more prone to people becoming infected with coronavirus. Sheets are cleaned and replaced, but not all surfaces are sterilized after every customer. Some places do, but not all. Hostels and dormitories have a higher risk factor.

Houses of Worship are Number 5 Many houses of worship keep every other pew empty to maintain social distance. I have been to three funerals during this pandemic and each time I had an empty pew in front and back of me. Singing spews more viral germs into the air. I noticed that a crew of cleaners was standing by to sanitize the church as I left. The link above gives CDC guidelines for religious institutions.


It is not necessarily where we are that is hazardous, but our actions when we are there. Hugging, shaking hands, talking without masks, and more can increase the risk of infection. Indoors have higher risks than outdoors.

One article I read a while back indicated that take-out food delivered through a window as you drove by was one of the lowest risks for contracting COVID-19. When we are outside exercising, walking, running, or hiking, the risk is low. Golf and tennis are low-risk sports. Sitting six feet away at an outdoor event and wearing a mask is low risk.

Staying home under house arrest is safe; however, it does not provide a cure for coronavirus. It merely delays it. 99% of us will survive this pandemic. It is probably higher than 99% for those under 55 years of age since the statistics started counting deaths in March and the virus has been with us since last December according to

We can protect ourselves and prevent infection with the normal safety measures outlined by the CDC and other medical professionals. We also can cure ourselves based on the asymptomatic and mild cases which are way over 50% of those infected. Keep a healthy immune system and there is less to worry about.

Live Longer & Enjoy Life! – Red O’Laughlin –


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  1. Red,

    What can one say to people spewing lies all over social media such as:

    COVID is a hoax.This whole thing is made up by socialist politicians who went to take away our guns and freedoms.

    COVID is a “Democrat” invention to bring down government It’s socialism.

    The death numbers are fake. Every death is reported as COVID caused.

    Doctors and hospitals make more money reporting COVID as cause of death. It’s all a hoax to make money.

    Cases are going down everywhere, not up. The fake media doesn’t want you to know it.

    Go live your life normally–if I die, I die.

    Masks spread COVID.

    MASKS don’t work to minimize spread of COVID.

    More people died from flu last year.
    Hydroxychloroquine is a proven snd effective treatment for COVUD but socialists don’t want you to know that. They are hoping you’ll die from it.

    This whole ICU thing is made up.
    Our fake incompetent County Judge stupidly wasted $30 million on emergency beds at NRG that weren’t needed and should be blocked from having any say in public health.

    Inquiring minds want to know your thouhts on this stuff and its effect on America!

    1. Roy, I am not sure what to say. Media is media. I Google ‘health headlines today’ every day to determine if there is a headline in health that needs to be explored further and rebroadcast to the world. The other day there was this blood-clotting drug that got good press in its ability to stop the replication of coronavirus. However, there was no mention of the fact that it was taken off the market years ago. The use then was in surgery to stop clotting. However, the new view is using it in an aerosol form. Does it have the same side effects? I guess human clinical trials will tell us. But, that was left out of the ‘latest’ news on the COVID front. Yes, Roy, there are a lot of statements made as if they were true. I believe that most media is opinion-driven from the reporter’s perspective. If that reporter wants to emphasize the sensational part of a news story and ignore the details that might have value, that is his or her call. It is the way it is. I live in the same world as you do and see the same things, maybe from a slightly different perspective. As you know, I research the actual death numbers, the ICU beds available at local hospitals, etc. The actual numbers do appear to be harder to find nowadays. I have had a problem with deaths with and from COVID for a long time. It was reported very recently that COVID-19 started in the US in December. That skews the total deaths by quite a bit, plus the percentage of deaths because of COVID. Hydroxychloroquine, I believe, was handled like a political football. Lots of data substantiated its effectiveness from a testimonial perspective. Some of the studies were controlled and randomized but weren’t given any value. Masks seem to be a lesson learned situation. There is a study in Europe of 6,000 people showing that masks don’t work. Who do you believe. Is it a big deal to wear a mask in places that demand it? No. I have my opinions about how and why COVID is here today, but they are my opinion and I have shared bits and pieces over time. You might notice that in the past month or two my blogs have taken a slightly different format – sections with links to my sources. There are several reasons for that, but it does give the reader the source that I used to develop my story if they are interested in those details. It also saves me many, many words to explain details that most people do not want to know about – no interest in that level of information. Politicians are politicians and the decisions they make rarely ever bite them in the butt. I agree, a lot of money is wasted, but there is little that can be done when the powers that be do not want to hold people accountable. It is an interesting world we live in. There is a Chinese curse that says, “May you live in interesting times!” If you have facts and available sources, you can offer your opinion, based on the facts as you understand them, and it is up to whoever you are talking to to accept or reject them. Some people are open-minded, but most are not. Whether you have facts or not, they believe what they want to believe. I am certain you are not the only one with the concerns you expressed in your comment. I wish I could have given you a better answer. I do my little part every day to provide awareness and education on health issues. COVID is not a topic I wish to research or write about, but it appears from my readers that they are interested in it. So, I include COVID articles that are timely, otherwise, it is yesterday’s news and worth wrapping fish in it. I am much happier writing about longevity, health, wellness, fitness, and other topics. I always welcome, and post, dissent from my blogs. News, and my writings are based on perspectives. Take a deep breath and hold it for 30 minutes the next time you feel a bit distraught. Yes, I typed 30 minutes – it is a joke! I use that statement a lot when I speak about stress. Thanks very much for your comment. I know others, and me, have similar opinions. If you know something is reported wrong and you have substantiating facts to base your opinion on, then don’t let the news of the day get under your skin. It is not the stress that is presented to a person, but what that person does with it. Hang on to it and it will affect your health down the road. Let it go and your world is much better, even if the world around you is wrong. Thanks again, Roy! RED

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