Excessive omega-6 fatty acids affect our health.
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I am a believer in balanced nutrition, calorie restriction, intermittent fasting, and maintaining an alkaline pH in the body. Can it be achieved by a vegan and/or vegetarian lifestyle? I believe it can, but it might be the hardest thing you ever tried to do in your life.

Why would it be hard? Most people do not know the daily nutritional requirements for their bodies. It doesn’t matter what your dietary lifestyle is. It is not something that we are aware of, nor do we seek that information from good sources.

My wife’s recovery from cancer proved to me that balanced nutrition is super important. She had gone through months of chemotherapy and was about to start radiation therapy when we decided to change her diet. I had read the Wahls Protocol by Dr. Terry Wahls, MD. She developed a dietary protocol (one of four protocols) to combat her multiple sclerosis.

Dr. Wahls put herself on her own protocols. Within three months, she walked using a walker. She had been in a wheelchair for four years. A month later she was able to walk using a cane. Within a year she was able to bicycle 18 miles. Her multiple sclerosis went into remission. She was able to get off all her prescription medicines.

My wife was taking one or two two-hour naps a day due to fatigue. 48 hours after starting the Wahls dietary protocol, she stopped taking naps. Her chemo-fog disappeared. On the last day of her radiation treatments, we drove a thousand miles to Jacksonville, Fl. I rented a U-Haul to bring back some family items. My wife followed me, alone, 500 miles each day, without any problems.

The Wahls dietary protocol provides up to ten times the body’s daily needed nutritional requirements across 30-plus nutrients. It’s not a difficult diet to follow. It is low in calories. It raises the body’s pH. I have not found another dietary regimen that can meet those same requirements with a similar daily calorie intake.

Whether you are a carnivore, vegan or vegetarian, education must come first if you want to be nutritionally sound. Are you getting all the vitamin B-12, creatine, carnosine, vitamin D3, DHA, taurine and other critical nutrients daily?

Make a quick list of what your body needs. Evaluate the nutrition that each food you eat gives you. Add it up. Are you getting what you need to not be deficient in any required nutrient?

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