Our brains are under attack every second of the day.
Greyerbaby / Pixabay – Our brains are under attack every second of the day.

What factors influence brain stability and health of your life? Allow me to concentrate on that topic for a few blogs.  The first is the blood-brain-barrier (BBB).  Our brains have a built-in protective mechanism. It is a physical barrier that limits what can actually come in contact with your brain. It is called the BBB. It is a close-fitting cover that separates your brain from the rest of your body. It allows only selective molecules to penetrate that barrier.

Our BBB works very well at repelling unwanted molecules. However, continuous and extreme attacks on your BBB begin to break through that barrier. What are some of the typical attacks on your brain’s BBB?

● Cigarette smoking
● Obesity
● Disrupted sleep
● Poor dietary habits

As your BBB is degraded, your brain is open for attack from things that should never have gotten close enough to do damage. Inflammation begins to destroy existing neurons and impedes the generation of new neurons. Inflammation is a good biomarker for brain health. A biomarker measures the presence of something. This something might be indicative of disease, infection, good health, etc. Biomarkers are used by many physicians to predict the presence, absence or the aggressiveness of a disease.

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