Chronic, long-term inflammation at the cellular level is the genesis of 90% of all disease.
Andale_Lucy / Pixabay – Chronic, long-term inflammation at the cellular level is the genesis of 90% of all disease.

Low-level chronic inflammation is the cause of 90 percent of disease. A leaky gut can be the genesis of many autoimmune diseases when your immune system is weak and your ENS (enteric nervous system) is compromised.

The symptoms of each autoimmune disease are different. However, the cause is the same – leaky gut. Some of the symptoms of an autoimmune disease are:

● Joint pain
● Muscle pain
● Weakness
● Tremor
● Weight loss
● Weight gain
● Insomnia
● Heat intolerance
● Cold intolerance
● Rapid heartbeat
● Recurrent rashes or hives
● Sun-sensitivity
● Difficulty concentrating or focusing
● Feeling tired or fatigued
● Hair loss
● White patches on your skin
● White patches inside your mouth
● Abdominal pain
● Blood or mucus in your stool
● Diarrhea
● Mouth ulcers
● Dry eyes
● Dry mouth
● Dry skin
● Numbness or tingling in your hands or feet
● Multiple miscarriages
● Blood clots

There are over a thousand of published studies on intestinal permeability (leaky gut) and its relationship with autoimmune disease (and several other diseases). There are many in the mainstream conventional medical field who do not believe in ‘leaky gut’ syndrome. Research supports the position that leaky gut is real. When your immune system can identify and react accordingly, you have a predetermined level of protection. If your immune system cannot respond to the threat, then your body is subject to disease. Talk to your physician if you believe you might have leaky gut syndrome. Do not arbitrarily take action on your own, especially if you are already under a doctor’s care.

You have control over what you think about and what you do every day. A lifestyle integrating routine physical exercise, continual learning, and cognitive stimulation helps you to achieve a healthy brain and body.

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