Where have all the young cooks gone?
089photoshootings / Pixabay – Where have all the young cooks gone?

I attended the joint bride/groom shower today for my grandson. He is getting married next month. I’ve never been to a joint shower before. A game was played at this shower. Both the future bride and groom sat with their backs to each other and were asked questions.

They had one of their own shoes and one of their future partners. As a question was asked, they would hold up the shoe of the person to signify it was the answer to that question. It was interesting watching the responses. Most questions were answered correctly with each holding up the same shoe. A times they answered with different shoes. There was one interesting question was, “Who is the cook?” No shoes were raised.

I learned to cook in the seventh grade. My mother was working and I would arrive home from school and begin dinner prep and cooking. Being the oldest of nine kids, I learned a lot about cooking from my mother. I cooked a lot of meals before I got married ten years later.

It got me to thinking on the way home. This exposure today opened another book idea. Something to help newlyweds know what to buy healthy foods, how to prepare and cook them. I’m sure it will be another best seller in the future.

If you don’t know how to cook, you probably don’t know what to buy. If you don’t buy healthy foods, you won’t eat healthy foods outside your home. It becomes a vicious cycle. Fish and chips, sandwiches, hamburgers, French fries, onion rings, pizza, hot dogs, chili, salads and many more fast food/restaurant items become the staple of the modern no-cook at home couple.

This is not healthy. It will exact a payment in the future. Increased risk of disease, increased healthcare costs, and a lower standard of living to name a few. Why isn’t health knowledge passed along from one generation to another? We aren’t taught properly, if at all. Why isn’t basic cooking taught at home? Heaven only knows. It is a skill everyone should have, whether we like it or not. My Dad never cooked at home unless my mother was not available, which was extremely rare. I remember one meal he cooked and he converted raw apples into applesauce. I was amazed.

I’m reminded of the Kingston Trio’s song, Where have all the flowers gone, long time passing? I can’t put the words to it in this sense, but, Where have all the young cooks gone, long time passing? When will they ever learn, when will they ever learn?

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