Imagine dissolving a sugar cube in your mouth and not get stuck with a needle to get vaccinated!

Some people are frightened of needles. My wife is one of them. It does not matter what caused your fear. It is real to you. What if there were another way to be vaccinated?

Vaccine in a Sugar Cube I believe I was in the fourth grade at that time. We were loaded onto school buses and taken to the convention center in downtown Corpus Christi. There were hundreds, probably a thousand other kids in the building, waiting to get the polio vaccine shot. Maybe you might have similar memories. The Salk polio vaccine was introduced in the mid-1950s.

Jump ahead, not even ten years, and that same vaccine was available in a little cube of sugar. Again, we were herded out to the school bus and taken to a distribution center, and given a sugar cube instead of a needle. This time it was the Sabin oral polio vaccine.

If a vaccine for polio could be put into a sugar cube, could any other vaccine be distributed similarly?

Next Generation Coronavirus Vaccine I use a nasal spray, Xlear (from CVS), every time I leave my home. It is a preventive for coronavirus and protects at the 99.99% level. The spray contains grapefruit seed extract and xylitol.

Combining these two ingredients protects a person from becoming infected by blocking the ACE2 receptor and preventing the spike of the SARS-CoV-2 virus from attaching to cells in our bodies. Studies I have researched show similar protection from vitamin D3 and zinc. I have written about both previously.

Researchers are already exploring options of delivering a COVID-19 vaccine (or booster shot) using a nasal spray or orally by pill. A nasal spray could be available as early as 2022. Not long ago, a few months, I predicted that nasal sprays might be the way to address future pandemics.

Regardless, thirteen companies are working on nasal sprays for COVID-19, and five have started clinical trials. (

TCELLVACCINE hAd5 (Oral) Immunity Bio has an oral vaccine in Phase 2 clinical trials. They are testing both a dissolvable tablet and a capsule. This oral vaccine targets both the spike protein that other vaccines target as well as focusing on the inner protein. The spike protein mutates more than the inner viral protein structure. By pursuing both aspects of the virus, the vaccine will last longer than those aimed at the outer spike.

Nasal Spray Option Altimmune is developing a single-dose nasal spray vaccine, AdCOVID, that promotes local mucosal immunity inside the nasal cavity. When properly administered, if both the transmission and infection from COVID-19. Mass production can have this vaccine available to many people quickly. Additionally, there are no issues with stability at room temperature.


Would it be great to pop a pill or use a nasal spray and avoid needles? There is no training required. No needle disposal to address. Storage requirements are not a problem. Depending on the transmission of a virus, non-injectable options may become the norm in the future.

Live Longer & Enjoy Life! – Red O’Laughlin –


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