Winter dangers can come from many places. Ensure you are protected.

The first concern we should have is seasonal influenza. Last year, the pandemic virus stifled the invasion of influenza viruses, and there was nearly no seasonal influenza last year. However, this year, as of Christmas week, seasonal flu is picking up where it left off a couple of years ago.

Seasonal Influenza? Nearly 20,000 positive tests, mainly influenza A, have been confirmed before the end of 2021. Flu shots help, especially if they are formulated against the strain of virus that appears in the winter.

What About COVID-19? The short answer depends on where you live. Fully vaccinated people (breakthrough cases) continue to mount in numbers of new cases, numbers of hospitalizations, and numbers of deaths.

The vaccine you got months ago is not as potent as it was the first couple of months after you got it. The booster shot will extend the warranty a couple of months, but not much after that. Vaccines against this pandemic virus are like Band-Aids, and new ones (booster shots) must be applied – often.

Ireland’s Health Protection Surveillance Centre released data just before Thanksgiving, showing that breakthrough cases are becoming a major concern for healthcare providers. Forty-two percent of ICU patients were unvaccinated – meaning, nearly 60% of patients in ICU for COVID-19 were fully vaccinated.

One hundred percent of the people who died with COVID-19 in the second week of November 2021 were fully vaccinated. So why are the unvaccinated taking the brunt of negative headlines? and

The statistics implying the unvaccinated are costing money and filling hospital beds are based on the start date of vaccines, not the most recent numbers. Those numbers are misleading, and the narrative tells us that vaccines protect us against the COVID-19 virus. Why did 100% of fully vaccinated Irish patients die in one week? Check out Scotland. The numbers are similar!


It isn’t easy to find breakthrough data in the United States, Yet I can go to other countries and track it easily and quickly. Minnesota is an exception and publishes weekly breakthrough metrics. When a vaccine is supposed to protect you from getting infected, from being hospitalized, and from death, how can you explain over 140,000 breakthrough cases, over 5,500 breakthrough hospitalizations, and over 1,000 breakthrough deaths?

Winter is coming, and the Twindemic we were promised last winter never materialized. Maybe the winter of 2021-22 will produce a Twindemic that many are not prepared for yet? I hope not.

I am a hot, humid, sultry Texas summer kind of guy and rarely venture into areas where snow appears in the winter. I have lived and worked in those areas, and it is not my cup of tea. Regardless, I am keeping my immune system strong and ready to repel any bacterial or viral invaders heading my way.

Live Longer & Enjoy Life! – Red O’Laughlin –

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  1. Red – Just when you think things might be getting better, you look at 140K, 5.5K, 1K stats and say “What next?!?!” We’ll stay tuned.

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