Words have consequences.
karenwarfel / Pixabay – Words affect our lives, especially our health.

I attended the You: Mission Critical Conference held at NASA this past week. I learned many things. One was a demonstration of how words have consequences.

A friend of mine was called up on stage. The presenter talked about positive and negative thoughts and the impact those emotions have on our bodies. When you think you can accomplish anything – very positive attitude, our bodies react accordingly. My friend held his arm out parallel to the ground. When thinking positive thoughts, his arm could barely be moved from the horizontal by the presenter using his two arms to pull down on it.

Conversely, when his mindset was changed to the negative side – two fingers could easily budge his arm from the horizontal. I’ve seen this type of presentation before and wasn’t surprised. What surprised me was the follow-up demonstration.

The presenter asked the audience for positive words – love, joy, abundant, success, admire, like, brave, etc. These words were written on a piece of paper. This time my friend held his arm out and with his other hand took the piece of paper with the positive words on it and held it over his heart. The presenter was nearly unable to move my friend’s arm from the horizontal position it was in from his body.

The next step was to do the same exercise using negative words. The audience obliged and shouted out a dozen or more negative words – failure, disgust, hate, afraid, hurt, defeated, betrayed, etc. The same scenario was set up with my friend’s arm out to his side and the piece of paper with the negative words held over his heart. His arm could be moved easily with just a couple of fingers from the presenter.

Our minds process everything around us. When we focus on negativity, it affects our ability to do things. Every thought we have is converted into chemicals in our bodies. Negative thoughts produce negative chemical reactions affecting our health – long term. Conversely, positive thought produce health chemical reactions supported good health.

Be careful what you focus on. Every little bit can help or hurt you. You have the choice of what to accept and focus on!

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