No one knows what the future holds, especially during a pandemic.

No one realized how aggressive the Delta variant was until it hit home. India had the Delta variant surge from mid-March through mid-June 2021. Accurate statistics for COVID-19 deaths vary, but more than a dozen experts believe COVID-19 deaths alone during the Delta surge probably reached four million.

Around seventy percent of India has had at least one dose of vaccine. Hundreds of thousands died because facilities could not handle the volume of people needing oxygen, beds, and vaccines. Cremations across the country far exceed official figures for deaths due to coronavirus. The pandemic virus was nearly eliminated by using antiviral drugs (Ivermectin).

India was ravaged by the Delta variant. Over 80% of pandemic virus cases in the United States are attributed to the Delta variant.

Delta Variant The United Kingdom has nearly 70 million people and also has almost ten percent more cases (562,000) of the Delta variant than the United States (525,000). Germany, Denmark, France, Canada, Turkey, Japan, India, and Sweden round out the top ten countries with the most significant number of cases of Delta variant.

Viruses mutate. It happens randomly. Sometimes the mutant is worse – like Delta compared to Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. Other times, it may fizzle and never achieve a variant name – like Delta. No one can accurately predict the next variant outbreak that captures attention as the Delta variant has.

Delta Responsible for Newest Cases Some are asking the question about whether the latest cases of vaccinated people going to hospitals and dying are the result of the vaccine’s fading effectiveness or are the Delta variant is strong enough to overpower that viral mutation.

A perfect storm happens when conditions happen that exacerbate each other compounding the overall effect. For example, early during the pandemic, there were no treatments, testing was sketchy, hospitals were ill-prepared, social distancing was not in place, and the virus swept through many cities worldwide, destroying healthcare infrastructures and killing hundreds of thousands of people.

The Delta variant started in the United States as the Delta surge was waning in India. The United States medical and health gurus believe that vaccines are the best treatment for the pandemic virus. Yet, India controlled the spread of the Delta variant effectively with an antiviral drug. So, yes, the official word is that not enough clinical testing has been done with various antiviral drugs to ensure their safety and efficacy for the American public.

We see considerable increases in COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, and deaths that are more likely to be caused by vaccine ineffectiveness than by the Delta variant. Both are happening coincidental to each other – the waning of the mRNA’s vaccine effectiveness to stop the infection and the presence of the Delta variant.

Vaccinated people are infecting others. Several articles recently (mostly since mid-September) tell us that the mRNA vaccine that started out months ago at 95% effectiveness in stopping the spread of the pandemic virus is not less than 50% effective and continues to degrade weekly.

A recent article published at the end of September 2021 from Massachusetts reported just under 4,400 new breakthrough cases last week with 37 breakthrough deaths. However, the article downplayed the percentages by comparing the most recently weekly total to the overall totals of new cases since the pandemic began.

The tiny percentage of breakthrough cases is 0.8% of the total pandemic cases. Is that a valid comparison? One week’s total of new cases (breakthrough) to over 18 months of accumulated COVID-19 cases? The numbers are a bit tricky to find. A good source of covid-tracking is

Approximately 12,000 new COVID-19 cases were reported during the last week of September, with 4,378 of those cases analyzed as breakthrough – fully vaccinated people. That equates to nearly 40%.
Is forty percent a residual effect of a lingering Delta variant? I think not. The perfect storm of having the persistent viral mutation simultaneously as the vaccine’s loss of effectiveness happened. Vaccinations did not prevent just under half the new infections of COVID-19.

The clinical trials for COVID-19 vaccines began in 2020, and emergency use authorization was granted so people could be vaccinated. What bothers me is that those clinical studies are still being followed – part of the original protocols set up to track the safety and efficacy of the vaccines.

The mRNA vaccine companies know that the vaccines have degraded over time. Yet not much information has come forth from the official sources. We are being told that the effectiveness of preventing hospitalizations is still at 90%. How do we know?

To be that high, there must be a tremendous number of breakthrough cases to substantiate that level of protection. Thousands of breakthrough cases are occurring weekly.

We heard the term, booster, being bandied about a couple of months back. Was that the plan to address the long-term ineffectiveness of the mRNA vaccines? The timing seems right.


There are lots of new pandemic virus cases happening with fully vaccinated people. Current personal protective measures are not working. Do we cancel Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas with families to minimize further infections? Do we suck it up and live with the 99% survival rate from this virus?

Lots of questions need to be addressed over the next several weeks. At the present rate of decline, those vaccinated in early 2021 might have less than ten percent efficacy by 2022.

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