The Internet is a great source of information.
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We all have favorites. Some of us might like a particular football team or other sports team. Some of us prefer entertainers – music, film, television, etc. Some of us prefer to get our news from certain sources – television, radio, the Internet. We all have preferences and trust certain sources.

Some sources are trusted and others are not. Looking at the latest presidential election, there are passionate people on both sides of the aisle. How did they get so passionate? Their source(s) provided them with information (fake or not, it doesn’t matter).

In the health arena, we typically tend to believe our doctors. Doctors treat to correct, not prevent, as a general rule. If prevention was taken seriously, then the only time you would see your physician might be for an annual physical or if you were injured.

Your doctor also has a legal responsibility to treat a problem with remedies that have been approved by sanctioned sources (FDA, for example). Assume for a moment that you have high blood pressure. Your doctor would most likely put you on some prescription medicine. Did he or she have other options? Could you have been told to exercise more, lose weight, and/or begin a stress relief program?

The answer is Yes and No. Yes, he could have told you to do all three of the above, but it is not an approved option for treatment. Unless, you ask for it. He or she can then note in your file that you are following a temporary program and will be checked later to results. He or she is deferring the typically recommended option. But, you have to be proactive.

What is your source of health information to give your doctor options? The Internet has many valid sources for health and wellness programs. If you don’t have a preferred source for your health and wellness awareness and education for 2017, review and select the experts in the fields of your interest. It’s your health. Become aware and educated and take appropriate action.

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