Are you missing your goals?
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Thanksgiving Day was yesterday. What have we typically been thankful for? It’s a long list. For me, it is health, employment and/or financial security, love of family and friends, wisdom learned from my mistakes, my education, my physical possessions (homes and cars and things), freedom of speech and religion, heating and air-conditioning depending on what time of the year it is, modern medicine, our military, and so many more things.

We might think about these things off and on, but we celebrate them once a year on Thanksgiving Day. Many people keep a gratitude journal. Google gives you many formats and suggestions on how to start and keep a gratitude journal. However, with all that help, some people cannot adapt to a daily (or weekly) regimen of writing.

I write daily. I joined a FB group years ago with the goal of writing 500 words daily for a month. When the month was over, several of us continued with our daily writing. A few in that group have not missed a day in years. I find writing easy. I love to share things with others. Writing and speaking have afforded me that opportunity.

But, where do I (or you) go from here? Let me suggest two things that cost little and take almost no time. The first is to do a daily random act of kindness. Google ‘random acts of kindness’ and you will find more things than you can think of. It is a rare day that most people cannot find one way to perform a random act of kindness.

The second is to become aware of things that improve and destroy your future health. We know that daily exercise is great. We know that smoking is not. But, most of us don’t know what our bodies really require on every day to be healthy today and in the future.

It’s hard to destroy health in a day, week or month. However, our long-term health is dependent on the actions we take daily. Google ‘healthy bloggers’ and find a person you resonate with. Someone who speaks directly to you.

If you can learn one new thing a month and make minor changes in your lifestyle, you will be much more thankful this time next year.

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