Wheat can do serious damage to your brain.
Pezibear / Pixabay – Wheat can do serious damage to your brain.

Is it really safe to eat wheat? Wheat has been genetically modified thousands of times to increase the gluten content. None of these changes were ever tested for safety.  You have to make that decision. Do you have a sensitivity to wheat? If not, then you have a choice. Wheat affects some people in their intestinal area. However, wheat affects the brain more strongly. It isn’t recognized until it is too late. For a long healthy life, wheat is not part of the equation.

I personally prefer food choices outlined by the Wahls Protocol – balanced nutrition. What can be wrong if you achieve balanced nutrition with over 30+ key nutrients your body needs on a daily basis? It should be noted that the Wahls Protocol does not include wheat or dairy products. Why? Because they are not nutrient rich compared to other food choices.

Why eat an extra 500 or 1000 calories or more a day to achieve the same end result – balanced nutrition? The extra calories are not healthy in the long run. Extra calories actually accelerate the aging processes. There is a real likelihood that many of us have a sensitivity to foods not contained in the Wahls Protocol.

Why do I use the Wahls Protocol as my personal baseline for eating? Dr. Terry Wahls is a physician. She developed multiple sclerosis late in life. She followed her doctors’ advice and medicines, and eventually ended up in a wheelchair – for four years. She developed the Wahls Protocol through her personal research.

She changed her lifestyle to match her newly created Wahls Protocol. She was able to:

● Stop taking all her medicines with no adverse effects
● Get out of the wheelchair and use a walker within three months
● Use a cane to walk within another month
● Bicycle 18 miles within a year

There are many diets available today. Diets imply that it is a temporary eating situation. Lose some weight, then go back to what you were eating before. Whatever caused us to gain weight in the first place will put it back on when we return to that original regimen. The Wahls Protocol is based on balanced nutrition. It has no processed foods, nor any sugars or carbohydrates. It is devoid of dairy. It contains high-quality fat and protein.

The Wahls Protocol was responsible for Dr. Terry Wahls to enjoy a normal independent healthy life. She overcame being a victim of multiple sclerosis. She is living a normal life today rather than spending the rest of her life in a wheelchair or bed. There are many scientists and nutritionists who believe that balanced nutrition, combined with restricted calories, yields a very healthy and long life.

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