The dark side is becoming more clear as FOIA requests are answered.

Many times, we have been told that natural immunity from surviving COVID-19 infection is not as good as the vaccine. tells us that natural immunity fades faster than vaccine immunity. It also states that natural immunity is less than half as effective as vaccine immunity and does not last as long. This is one of many articles affirming the superiority of vaccine immunity to that of natural immunity from surviving COVID-19.

Reality Breakthrough infections are causing many of the surges being seen around the world. Fully vaccinated people lose the vaccine’s protection from infection after six months. Fully vaccinated people are infecting both the unvaccinated and other fully vaccinated citizens.

Yet, those with natural immunity cannot infect others, even though that seems to be the theme of the pandemic news. The CDC announced this past week that it has no documentation of an individual surviving coronavirus and not having received any vaccines infecting other people.

Mandates Misleading If the survivors of COVID-19 cannot infect others, why are they being forced to become vaccinated by mandate? Those with naturally acquired immunity are being forced out of jobs, the military, schools, and more. Why, when they cannot infect others?

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests have been answered by the CDC, and there is no proof in the archives of CDC of COVID-19 survivors infecting others. So why does it take an FOIA to find out something we all should have known months ago?

Another Reality! CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky stated that vaccines could no longer prevent transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus responsible for COVID-19. mRNA vaccines started with a stellar record of protection from infection – three out of 100,000. After six months, the level of protection is around one out of 500 and continues to fall.

Natural Immunity I was blessed with coronavirus infection in September of this year. It was a very mild case with only a cough and fatigue. My body was exposed to the entire spike of the virus, and not a short section replicated in an mRNA vaccine.

The link above tells me that I also have further protection from the virus’s outer coat proteins, not just those on the spike glycoprotein structure. Other diseases – chickenpox, measles, mumps, rubella, etc. confer natural immunity. However, the CDC has been preaching that COVID-19 innate immunity is not as good as vaccines. describes thirty studies confirming that natural immunity from COVID-19 is as absolute as natural immunity from chickenpox and other diseases.

Over 125 other studies confirm similar results –


Breakthrough cases are increasing daily. Breakthrough hospitalizations and deaths are increasing. People think they are bullet-proof because they are fully vaccinated. They do not realize that the effectiveness of the vaccine wanes over time.

Breakthrough cases are insidious because, most of the time, symptoms are asymptomatic. People carrying the virus do not know they can infect others. Many of the newly infected do not realize they have been infected. Numbers add up over time, and the ten or twenty percent who do develop symptoms are now sick with the virus and may end up in the hospital.

Sometimes it is what we do not hear that is just as important as what we do hear.

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  1. So when is CDC going to relax their criteria for booster shots and remove the mandate? Shall I hold my breath?!?!?!?

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