A cough can be a symptom of many diseases – coronavirus is one of them.

Yesterday morning, I awoke with a slight tickle in my throat. Other than an occasional slight cough, it was nothing. I went to bed early last night – before sunset. Even though I was extra tired, I could not get to sleep. My mind was racing up this pathway and down that one. On top of that, my coughing became constant.

After several hours of making no progress on getting to sleep, I got up and watched television for a couple of hours. Then, with over-the-counter medications, I was able to stop the drainage in the back of my throat, causing the cough. After returning to bed, I found my mind still above 100 mph.

Overall, I had no meaningful sleep at all last night. This morning, I had a very slight headache (on the top of my head and behind my eyes). The over-the-counter meds and no sleep probably caused my fatigue. My blood pressure was slightly elevated, and a barely perceptible fever. No sore throat or runny nose was observed. Taste and smell were normal


I do not believe I have any variant of the COVID-19. However, I wondered what other people might do when faced with similar circumstances – some of the symptoms, but not enough to quantifiably diagnose coronavirus. What would you do?

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  1. I’ve had to be reminded I don’t look quite right, only to find 104 degree temp and walking pneumonia. My answer – I’d most likely dismiss until it got REALLY worse!!

    1. I would caution anyone waking up with a cough, runny nose, and/or sore throat to give serious consideration to a COVID-19 test. The symptoms at the start appear more like a cold than not. Earlier detection means earlier threatment. We got the Regeneron monoclonal antibody treatment and responded within 24 hours. I wished we had gotten it a couple of days earlier.

  2. Go. Get. Tested.
    PCR test. Very reliable. Takes a couple of days to get results.Free from COH or Harris County, no questions asked.
    At least you will know and if quarantined, if the test is negative, you can be relieved and get back to what you were doing.

    1. Very sage advice Sir Roy! Indeed, get tested! Coughing is almost a dead giveaway, but it is so subtle that it delays people from taking action.

      My wife spent almost an hour on the phone trying to make an appointment for a test. Yes, for $139, or, we can schedule you for the 11th of September, were common responses. Most wanted to tell her where to get a vaccine.

      We went to the local Urgent Care and within 24 hours were on Regeneron monoclonal antibody treatment and 24 hours later were walking out of the woods and feeling relief.

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