Is winter the real reason vaccines are not getting distributed on time?

Just when you thought it might be safe to go back into the water, The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases is telling us that face masks might be required until 2022. Why?

Weather Delays? The COVID-19 vaccine rollout did not go according to Hoyle. Is this winter season the most recent excuse for delaying vaccinations? Thirteen percent of Americans have had the first of two doses. Ten percent have had the virus and do not require vaccination.

Twenty-five percent of America is covered already. There is talk about one coronavirus dose being enough to provide adequate protection. Three new vaccines will be approved (emergency use or otherwise) within weeks. Why is there talk about wearing face masks in 2022?

Power is a hard thing to give up. The pandemic granted local, state, and federal governments power to establish protective norms for safety reasons. Yes, a fatal disease to 0.02 percent of people under 50 years of age requires everyone to be protected.

Vaccine Future Moderna and Pfizer released a modified RNA COVID-19 vaccine being used under emergency use authorization (EUA). AstraZeneca has a one-dose vaccine approved in the United Kingdom and is being evaluated by the FDA. Novavax and Johnson & Johnson’s vaccines are being cleared for emergency use authorization.

The World Health Organization gave its blessing to AstraZeneca and Serum Institute of India last week through their Emergency Use Listing (EUL), like the FDA’s EUA. Russia and China have vaccines for their citizens and are providing them to other countries now. Two hundred and forty other COVID-19 vaccines are under development around the world.

I do not have faith now in the mRNA vaccines. The vaccine technology is new, and testing was shortened. I plan to wait for a more traditionally developed coronavirus vaccine and observe these new technology options’ health aspects.

The second-generation COVID-19 vaccines are in research. The Imperial College London is exploring self-amplifying RNA. Novavax used the protein subunit approach to its vaccine. The Institute for Protein Design at the University of Washington is developing a designed protein nanoparticle to conquer COVID-19.

Two vaccines are being distributed, and many more are on the train emerging from the tunnel a few blocks away. When herd immunity is achieved in the next several months, why is it necessary to continue face masks and social distancing? Politics is the only answer I can fathom.

Who is Correct? Dr. Fauci is saying we might be wearing masks into 2021. A researcher from Johns Hopkins is telling us that herd immunity is several weeks away. In the meantime, another 90,000 COVID-19 deaths are forecast by June.

No one knows what we do not know! We do know more today than a year ago, even six months ago. Yet, we do not know how to distribute vaccines to those who can start breaking the herd immunity log jam.

Vaccine protocols are delivering protective injections to those who are not spreading the disease. Those who are at risk of spreading or catching the disease are allocated lower priorities to get any vaccine.


I believe that herd immunity will be achieved by late summer. Survivors of coronavirus should not be able to get the disease again or pass it on to others. The vaccinated public should be in the same boat. Two hundred million Americans (2/3) should break the line in the sand where herd immunity starts.

We are vaccinating 30 million Americans a month, and that will go up to 50 million a month shortly. Six months equals 300 million people, over 90% of our citizens. Vaccines and lockdowns are protecting older Americans. The rest of us are restricted in going to bars, movies, and more to lessen this viral contagion spread. Are politicians going to demand that 100% of all Americans, then 100% of other countries, achieve total protection before face masks and social distancing will be lifted?

Then, the next winter season will bring a fresh bout of seasonal influenza (which disappeared this year) and a coronavirus resurgence. All Americans must remain vigilant to ensure no new pandemic spreads. When does it end?

Live Longer & Enjoy Life! – Red O’Laughlin –


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