We live is comfort zone we create.
elljay / Pixabay – We create and live in our comfort zones.

One of our many fears is to age. Mainly, getting old and not being able to take care of ourselves, or do those things we have done all our lives. It’s a bit insidious because it creeps up on us; and, all of a sudden, we are old. Old is a relative term. To some of us, it is in our 60’s or 70’s. To others, it is much older. Yet, some of us look and act much older than we are in our 50’s.

We all have comfort zones. It is that lifestyle we choose that we feel safe and comfortable. We don’t venture outside the boundaries of that zone. Boundaries can be anything from reading, eating, exercising, relationships, travel, conversations, etc. We set limits for ourselves and we live within those limits.

Aging is one of those things that happens to every one of us. Doctors can’t help much. They treat symptoms, not prevention. They don’t know the causes of aging or what actually accelerates or decelerates the aging processes. They can tell you to do three or four things that actually helps to reduce the risks of disease of the elderly. But, they didn’t tell you the other twelve things to do that effectively cancels out everything you are doing correctively.

Change is hard when we are in good physical shape. Change is almost impossible when we have challenging health issues. You get prescribed one medicine for a health problem. A couple of years later the side effects of that medicine require that you get another medicine to fight those side effects (from the first drug). And, it goes on and on. All of a sudden you are 60 or 70 years of age taking a dozen different drugs – most of them combating the side effects of the drugs themselves.

Yes, it’s tough to age, but there are things you can do to effectively combat the risk of age-related diseases.

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