Teas have many health benefits at a low cost.

I had surgery on my right wrist a few hours ago. It was the second surgery in as many months to remove squamous cell carcinomas. Both erupted from a topical chemo treatment I did a few months back – something I have done once a decade (since the mid-80s).

I had planned to write about squamous cell carcinomas today – even told my surgeon about it as she was sewing up the wound from the Mohs surgery (https://www.skincancer.org/treatment-resources/mohs-surgery/).

An area is trimmed where the cancer was excised, and the skin sample sent for microscopic evaluation to ensure they got all the cancer. The surgery last month took one sample. Today’s surgery took two samples to ensure the entire skin cancer was removed.

I came upstairs to my office to research that topic and before I could even begin to touch the keyboard, I spilled a large glass of unsweetened iced tea over the top of my computer desk, keyboard, cell phone, notes, and other odds and ends.

I had cold-soaked my hand to reduce swelling and pain before coming upstairs. The clean-up erased all the precautions I took before writing my daily blog. It hurts now – dull, where the stitches are, but manageable for now.

In the meantime, I have several stories that I collect in case I cannot find a current health and wellness article to write about in my blog. After the avalanche of iced tea swept away over half my working space (first time this has happened and I have brought several glasses of tea daily to this office for years), I decided that it must be a clue. Maybe I am not supposed to write about skin cancer today.

One recent article had many reasons why green tea is healthy. I brew six teas daily and drink between a liter and a liter and a half (sometimes more) every day. I like green tea, white tea, oolong, pu-ehr, pouchong, and gynostemma. All have health benefits and most have longevity and anti-aging benefits.

Green Tea

https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/269538 discusses antioxidants, cardiovascular health, energy, focus, calming, body fat burning, prevents skin damage, improves bone health, improves insulin sensitivity, and can lower the risk of some cancers.

https://www.lifeextension.com/protocols/neurological/alzheimers-disease is one of several articles from Life Extension magazine that I use for longevity research. One of the catechins in green tea is epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). Amazing research has been done with this catechin and Alzheimer’s disease.

White Tea

https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/white-tea-benefits lists nearly a dozen health benefits from white tea – many like green tea. However, it is the antioxidant power of white tea that captures my attention and need.

Oolong Tea

https://simplelooseleaf.com/blog/oolong-tea/oolong-tea-benefits/ The primary reasons I add this tea to my daily tea combo are its ability to lower blood pressure, improve sleep, inhibiting alpha-amylase (lowers blood sugar), improve gut biome, decreases vascular inflammation, and many more.

Pu-ehr Tea

https://www.verywellhealth.com/the-benefits-of-pu-erh-tea-4114421 This is my favorite tea. I love the color, fragrance, and taste. It, like many other teas, has health benefits in the areas of weight loss, improved eyesight, fighting oxidative stress, anti-cancer properties, reducing cholesterol, and managing metabolic syndrome.

Pouchong Tea

http://healthytea101.blogspot.com/2014/12/pouchong-tea-benefits.html This tea I added about two years ago to my daily repertoire of teas. It strengthens the immune system, lowers cardiovascular risk, strengthens bones and teeth, reduces inflammation, fights diabetes, and has anti-aging properties.

Gynostemma Tea (Jiaogulan Tea)

https://myemail.constantcontact.com/12-Proven-Benefits-of-Jiaogulan.html?soid=1127365049623&aid=FAitYHQht-g Many experts consider this tea to be the herb of immortality. It improves endurance, immunity, aids digestion, reduces heart health risks, improves the skin, has anti-aging properties, aids sleeping, and many more.


Tea is an inexpensive way to improve health. For decades, I was a Coca Cola drinker. I changed over to Diet Coke in the mid-90s and then to unsweetened tea just after 2000. I rarely have a cola or other diet drink nowadays. I prefer my drinks to aid some level of my health, especially anything that improves the longevity processes.

I spend around $25 a month for these six teas. I shop at local Chinese stores and generally do not have a problem finding them. They are also available online.

Water is great for your health, especially when it is filtered. Unsweetened tea is also great for your health. It took me decades to acquire a taste for unsweetened tea. Like beer, wine, and carbonated water, the acquired taste can be attained.

Live Longer & Enjoy Life! – Red O’Laughlin – RedOLaughlin.com


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  1. Interesting! I drink the first four among others, however, I am not familiar with the last two. I’ll need to try them.

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