Some tests are giving too many false negatives.

The FDA is advising people without COVID-19 symptoms to not use the quick tests typically used in doctors’ offices. Why? Because they may not be as accurate. And retesting might be required. The expense of retesting is also a reason

The point-of-care or ‘rapid’ tests are not as sensitive as other tests on the market. True, you get your results in minutes rather than days, many days in some cases. The FDA claims there are too many false negatives with the rapid COVID-19 testing. Would your doctor accept the results of a COVID-19 test done two weeks ago? I think not! He or she would want to retest you right then and there in his or her office.

I am like most people, I want to know ‘now’ if I have the virus, not a week or longer than the current backlog of testing is taking. I read recently that the ‘spit’ test is fast, cheap, and accurate and can be done at home. It is being considered for collegiate and professional sports.

If tests have too many false negatives, what are they doing on the market? Someone make a dreadful decision, I fear! You get tested, think you are fine, and go around and infect people for a few days before symptoms develop. You think you are fine and let your guard down and the transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus continues to spread among family, friends, and acquaintances.

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