Solutions are not always adapted – bias, cost, and other factors.

Time passes, and scientists are comparing the options to control or stop the pandemic virus. The general narrative is that the best protection is to get a vaccine. Yet, more fully vaccinated people are getting infected, entering hospitals, and dying from coronavirus. Why? Because the vaccine’s ability to protect against infection wanes after six months.

Naturally acquired immunity has been compared to the first couple of months of vaccine protection (generally around three fully vaccinated people getting infected out of 100,000). Yet, the vaccine wanes over time (starting at four months and trending steeply downward after six months). The latest study out of Israel is more comparative of apples to apples.

Israeli Study This study reports that the mRNA vaccine declines with time, the naturally acquired immunity from surviving COVID-19 remains strong. Unvaccinated are at the most significant risk of infection.

A single dose of vaccine is protective but not as good as two doses. A booster shot after six months from the second dose offers extended protection, but it is unknown if people will need a booster shot every six months to retain that protection. Time will tell.

Reinfection Rates What are your chances of becoming reinfected after surviving COVID-19 or getting infected by coronavirus after being fully vaccinated?

The study points out that as the mRNA vaccine degrades (four to six months), the reinfection rates (survivors) are around ten per 100,000 compared to getting infected with the pandemic virus is near 70 per 100,000 for fully vaccinated – seven times greater! In addition, the severity of infection is almost twice as high among the fully vaccinated.

Post-six-month data is still being analyzed, and the early consensus is that naturally acquired immunity is superior to two doses of vaccine. Those who survived the virus and then got vaccinated had higher protection levels than all other groups (unvaccinated, single-shot, fully vaccinated, and survivors).


Naturally acquired immunity appears to be the best solution for almost any disease. It does not guarantee reinfection, but it does significantly reduce the chances of reinfection.

As the vaccines were rolled out, the media narrative hyped the vaccine as the panacea against COVID-19. It looked good early on, but now the mRNA vaccines are not as protective, and breakthrough cases are increasing daily.

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