A few women like the bald look for themselves.

A few people like me have perfect heads and there is no need to cover the top with hair. Minoxidil and Finasteride are FDA approved products for hair loss, but many are not satisfied with the results. A very few will endure hair transplants. However, the results vary.

Minoxidil is also known as Rogaine. I remember arriving at the finish line of a 5K race in New Orleans many years ago and hearing what I thought was the 1977 song, Cocaine, by Eric Clapton. It was not his song, but his melody and lyrics hyping hair growth with Rogaine.

We all grow older. Some of us lose our hair earlier than others. For me, it was my early 20s. Many people have a full head of hair in their 80s. The color may be different for 80-year-old hair and 20-year-old hair.

Is there an effective way to stimulate new hair growth? Hair follicles might be switched from a passive or resting state to an active or growing state with new technology. It involves transitioning from a two-dimensional (2D) environment of transplanting hair follicles to a three-dimensional (3D) situation.

Scientists have determined that the hair follicles can be switched from a passive to an active state that promotes hair growth by culturing hair follicles in a 3D keratin scaffold. This scaffold complex mimics the natural environment of healthy hair.

Laboratory animal studies using 2D cultured hair follicle cells, 3D cultured hair follicle cells (with keratin scaffold), and minoxidil. Mice with 3D cultured hair follicles regrew 90% of their hair.

Additional studies have been done with microRNAs. The hair follicle growth process is regulated by dermal papillae (DP). At the microlevel, DM control genetic communication within the hair follicle.

The microRNA, miR-218-5p, supports hair growth and changes the hair follicle state from passive to active and functioning like new again in 3D cultured hair follicle cells.

Currently, the process works but is expensive. Further testing is being done with microRNAs alone to see if a cream or lotion might be as effective.

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