Fishing for health requires hunger.
Jols / Pixabay Are you using the right tools to succeed?

What do you need to be a successful fisherman? I am referring specifically to catching fish. I ask this question at various presentations I give. I get answers such as, fishing pole, bait, boat, patience, the right spot, and many other answers. Yet, to be successful at fishing, or selling your products/services, you need hungry fish.

You can give a sales pitch dozens of times to an audience, but unless they are hungry for what you have (or, you are a great salesperson) you will not have the sales you expect. People buy on an emotional level. But, they must be hungry for what you are selling.

I was thinking about this last night as I was waiting for my wife. I try to adapt analogies to my business of education/awareness of health and wellness. Why do some people adapt a lifestyle instantly to improve their lives and others do not? Why do some people ignore the same advice repeatedly when they see concrete evidence of success?

Sometimes, the person in need doesn’t see you/me as the authority and whatever is presented is dismissed. I see this often with people who believe their physician is the absolute authority for their health. Physicians (and our medical/pharmaceutical communities) are very good at treating problems and correcting them. However, they mainly treat the symptoms.

Sometimes they don’t see the value of what is presented. They are content with their lifestyle choices. They love their comfort zones. It simply isn’t important at that moment. They aren’t hungry right this moment.

Are you content with treating a symptom every day? Are you hungry enough to look for other solutions? There is a lot of free information (Google, Internet, YouTube, blogs, articles, reviews, journals, etc.) available today to nearly everyone. There is information about a disease to diagnose the symptoms; but, more importantly, there is information about what causes that disease also.

Why not prevent the disease from happening in the first place? Especially as we age. We live our lives and only treat our symptoms when they significantly impact our individual worlds. Why is the importance of waiting for something that can negatively impact your life so important that you can’t take preventive action now? Most of us are not hungry enough to make those changes in our lives.

Just like you can’t be successful at fishing unless you have hungry fish, you need to have an internal hunger to make changes to your lifestyle to prevent future health problems. Most of us are just not hungry for future health and wellness.  Get hungry!

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