Our lifestyle determines our life.
Gilmanshin / Pixabay – Our lifestyle determines our life.

I loved watching Dr. Morris Massey’s videos several decades ago. He tells us in his in his early video, “What You Are is Where You Were When”, that we don’t change unless we have a Significant Emotional Event in our lives. This might be a near-death experience – or a near miss. It might be something happening to a family member or close friend.

I recently watched the movie, Hacksaw Ridge. Desmond Doss is a medic in the Army during a battle on Okinawa at the end of WWII. He earned the Medal of Honor by saving the lives of 75 wounded after a major battle. Earlier in the movie, he had been fighting often with his brother – sibling rivalries. One day he hit his brother in the head with a large brick – almost killed him. From that day on he swore not to take purposely take another life. That was a Significant Emotional Event in his life.

We live in our comfort zones and generally not affected by the world around us. We do what we do every day and it never changes. If you eat meat and potatoes and sit on the couch and watch television till it’s time to go to bed, then we tend to do that for our entire life (at least the last several decades of it). We know we should eat healthier and exercise, but we don’t. Why? We got stuck and there hasn’t been anything to shake us up.

Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results – at least that’s one that was attributed to Einstein (although he most likely never said it). We think we will have time, at the last minute, to make those changes that will save us from a fate worse than death (having someone change our diapers for a few years might be one of those fates).

Fifty percent of the people who die from a heart attack never had a symptom – the first symptom was the heart attack. People will make changes to their lives if they survive that first one.

I’ve tried to embed YouTube videos in my blogs and sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t. If you want to see a few minutes of Dr. Morris Massey – check out his video on YouTube – Flashpoint: When Values Collide.

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