St. Corona is the patron saint of epidemics and pandemics.

Some of us pray when things around us appear to be dire. St. Corona and St. Victor are two saints’ people who have prayed to since the second century to help them.

Two Christian martyrs were killed under the reign of Marcus Aurelius (170s AD). Roman Syria, Damascus Antioch, Alexandria, or Sicily claim to be the locations of their deaths. She was a married teenager, not uncommon at that time. St. Victor was her brother-in-law and was martyred also.

Roman soldiers of Italian ancestry were torturing St. Victor for being a Christian. St. Corona was a witness to his brutal treatment and shouted encouragement to him when his eyes were gouged out.

They arrested and interrogated her after the death of St. Victor. She was tied to two bent-over palm trees and ripped from limb-to-limb when the trunks were released. The Roman judge, Sebastian, was responsible for their martyrdom.

The remains of both St. Corona and St. Victor are in the basilica at Anzu, Italy. Many miracles have been attributed to both these saints, especially those relating to epidemics and pandemics.

St. Corona and St. Victor’s memorial day is November 24th (November 11th in the Orthodox church calendar). Their feast day is May 14th.

After the First Crusade, soldiers from Feltre erected the church of SS. Vittore e Corona on the slopes outside the town of Feltre. The Holy Roman Emperor, Otto III, bought St. Corona’s relics and moved them to Aachen.

Today, northern Italians are calling on St. Corona to help them survive the current coronavirus pandemic.

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